What are the best baby bottles?

  • It has been 12 years since I have had a baby and I am confused by all the different types of baby bottles out there now. What type is the best? I am not going to breast feed and am planning on going back to work after the first week of having him if everything works out according to plan. My sister-in-law is telling me to go with the bottle that has the plastic drop in inserts, my mother-in-law is telling me to go with the expensive because expensive is always better (crazy I know), and my mother is telling me to go with the glass kind because it is what she used 33 years ago and is all she knows. HELP PLEASE!!!!!

  • SmileI know exactly what you mean. I'm having my 2nd child after 12 yrs as well. I was overwhelmed by the changes in baby bottle products. I wanted as many opinions as possibel, so i went on to amazon to find the most popular selling bottles . you can see customer reviews the pros and cons of other mom's that have tried the bottle you are looking up but also what else they have tried. I found it very helpful. Happy hunting!

  • well to tell u the truth my son is 7 months and i think i've tried them all and now we've finally been using the playtex ventair advanced and he loves them no bubbles no air no spitting up its terrific.  i'd suggest these to anyone having a new baby.. wish i tried these in the beginning would've saved so much money.. but ya gotta learn someway.. hope this helps.

  • I agree with Colhartedbiotch...I use playtex ventair advanced and they work great for breastmilk and formula.  There are different parts to the bottles and you have to clean them seperatly but the no bubbles and less spit up is worth it!

  • The Playtex bottles always worked best for my first two, but my last one was different. He took to the Avent bottles, and only those bottles. All 3 were breast and bottle fed, so it all comes down to what the baby prefers. Good luck. :)

  • My daughter is 3 months old and bottles drive me crazy.  One of my friends told me about Dr. Browns bottles.  I bought one and tried it and went  out to buy more.  They are nice and they also help with her gas.

  • Hi, I use Tommee Tippee sale in Babys r us  I liked or Avent is good too.

  • I would suggest to try a few out before buying several bottles of any one type, I am a mother to  4 months old triplets and my girls use the drop-ins bottles but my son perfers the plain old Gerber bottles figure that.  Go with want works best with your baby.

  • I have faced the same situation. My baby was a preemie, 5 months old now and was very fussy with bottles and nipples. I bought them all playtex, avent, Dr. browns, and finally settled with playtex ventair advanced. even for the nipples I had to try several different kinds. they were either too soft or too tough for my preemie. evenflo( cheap, I know) nipples worked the best for her. So, you'll have to try different kinds to see what works for your baby and you. Babies r us always has deals on bottles, check out their coupons. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I've asked all my pregnant friends (with child #2, etc.) and it really depends on what our baby will take.  I'll be trying First Year's Soothie line first.  This was highly recommended by my friends who now have toddlers.

  • Hello!!!!

    I like everyone else here try every bottle there is!!!! and my baby finally settle with avent!!!! they work great and Burlingtong and Target has really good deals on them Smile I hope this helpsWink

  • Before you go out and buy lots of expensive bottles, you need to see what type your baby likes. Try buying one or two inexpensive kinds first. If your baby doesn't like them or they increase her gas, you can then try the more expensive and time consuming Dr. Brown's etc.. I used Playtex with drop in liners for all of my children and they loved them. The clean up is easy and it reduces the air they swallow just like the other bottles. Ultimately though, the best bottle will be the one your baby likes to take! Don't buy too many until you know your baby likes them.
  • We tried lots of different types of bottles and finally settled on the Playtex VentAir bottles.

  • I would recommend the Dr Browns bottles. I had tried Born Free but my baby liked Dr Brown so much better. Never had a colic and she is almost 9 months. I believe it is worth every penny.

  • I know what you mean.  My son Jacob was just born on May 18th and I currently have a 11 year old son, and a 8 year old daughter. 

    I think the best bottles are "Avent" they worked great for my son and daughter and it's what I'm using now for my son when I need to supplement with formula.  They have different flow bottle nipples and you can change them as the baby grows.  They are also great because the baby does not get colic or swallow that much air with these bottles.

    Hope this helps!!!