What are the best baby bottles?

  • I plan on trying a combination of a few to see what the baby best responds to. I plan to register for Dr. Browns, Avent, and Playtex liners. I'm not to keen with the Born Free.

  • I use Born free and tommi tippee. between those two, born free is the one i like the most, it is perfect.

  • We have tried a number of bottles as well-- for our six week old. The Avent bottles leaked all over the place--I have friends who have had similar problems. It appears to b the Avent BPA free bottles only--and they are a bit expensive. We have also tried the Evenflo Purely Confi and they are a good and inexpensve fit with replaceable nipples. This was a good choice to be able to have several spare bottles waiting in the fridge instead of cleaning them all of the time. The Playtex drop ins are good for on the go feedings--no leaking and quick clean up. All of the bottles have worked well and really have not given baby gas---which is key with out milk allergy/colicy litlle one. Good luck--it really gets down to what works for you baby is the best.

  • did you ever brest feed your baby? Smile

  • Yes I have brest feed my baby.  I am currently doing it.  But I want to supplement with formula after he turns 8 weeks old.  This way it won't be too hard when I stop nursing. 

    I have 2 more children a 11 year old and 8 year old, and my husband and I feel it would be very hard to continue to nurse being I am always on the run, with my other children.  I have a good mild supply in the freezer that I can use for emergencies.

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    I do not know about other people but I have really enjoyed the Playtex Drop-ins. I have had no problems with spit-ups or a lot of excess gas. Plus they are so easy to clean up after you use them!

  • I have 3 1/2 month old twins and we tried them all. Feedings are going very well using  Dr.Browns.. although there is some extra  time needed to clean all the parts, but its worth it to keep my babies happy. Every baby is different so you may end up trying different systems to see what suits your baby.. good luck!

  • Wow this helps a lot!! All the magazines and Dr.s told me to get Dr. browns bottles but their crazy expensive!! I am definitely going to try the  Playtex Vent-air bottles first.

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