What do you really need for baby?

  • I just bought a bouncer but it seems to only vibrate and not very much at that. Is this how Your bouncer is? I wasn't sure what to expect.

  • We've had two bouncy seats. The first one vibrated a lot and played music. The second barely vibrated and didn't play music. I think it just depends on the brand and type you buy.

  • What brand is it? I bought one that just vibrates too and my two month old daughter doesn't like it very much. She hates the vibration and I can't put her in it after she feeds because the bouncing makes her spit up more. I'm basically not impressed with this one.

    I had one with my 8 and 6 year old daughters that I loved. It was a tall one tanding about three feet off the floor, it didn't vibrate, just bounced and my girls loved it. I wish I had it for the new baby but I sold it long ago and have never seen another one like it.

  • I was checking babycenter.com and someone asked the same thing -- well almost. They asked what you don't need. Every baby is different on things they liked and did like. I would say get the basics and go from there. Swing, bouncy, activity mat, etc. My favs are those plus the wipe warmer, and bottle warmer.

  • Boppy Pillow - especially with twins!


    cloth diapers - found that actual "Burp cloths" do not absorb well at all - the white cloth diapers are best for messy eaters and spit up!!!

    snuglis - makes going to church SO much easier than trying to carry in 2 carseats and a 3 year old

    kiddopotamus swaddlers - they won't sleep without being swaddled and these withstand a squirming infant better than just a receiving blanket

  • What is a snuglis?  I have 6 week old twins and would love some tips and pointers on things needed and not needed....

  • Snugli's are a type of close to the body carrier for babies. They let you carry your child around like a sling and I hear a lot of people say they really felt it helped them bond better with their child using one. Some people also prefer a sling carrier for bonding, it depends on your needs and comfort with wearing either design I believe.

  • I have 4 month old twin boys and the one thing that I have used the most are the bouncer chairs.  they come in really handy when I am feeding one baby and the other baby is waiting.  I have one that vibrates and one that does not and they don't seem to care which one they use. 

  • My daughter is 7 months old now and what we need varies quite a bit from when she was a newborn. Newborn she really didn't need much, a bouncy seat or swing, my moby wrap, plenty of bottles/diapers/wipes etc. and her swaddler were the absolute essentials. I have a boppy pillow but, like someone else said, I never used it much except to put behind her while she was learning to sit on her own.

    Now we still need the bottles/wipes/diapers along with her bouncy seat, an excersaucer (this kid WANTS to be on her feet!!! I swear she'd run already if she could figure out the balance and coordination lol), various rattles, teethers, one of her plushies (she has a baby that lives at daycare, a Tigger at home, a Pooh in the truck and a bunny rabbit at the Grandparent's) and a pacifier. If we're going to be gone during one of her "meals" I also have a tupperward container with cereal, a jar of babyfood, and a spoon in it, for feeding while away from home.

  • the backpack type carrier you wear on your chest.  we got the Infantino snugride - love them and the boys do to.  they usually go to sleep in them

  • bouncy seats - we actually have 3 of these and 3 of the boppy pillows - seems one always needs washing

  • my favs are the Baby Bjorn, my Brest Friend nursing support (much easier to use and more supportive than boppy), swing and Pack & Play (we travel a lot).

  • How is the Brest friend pillow different? I've heard of them, but never used one.

  • it straps to you, so lower back support,  it has head supports for baby and it is firm so yuo are not leaning forward, baby comes to you.  I love the fact it has a pocket on it, i keep Lanolin in it, it is always handy that way!

  • I totally agree about the zippers over the buttons. Every second counts in the middle of the night or whenever. It just seems so less stressful for your baby too.

    We love the Snap-and-Go... transporting baby from car to stroller is a breeze.

    Our daughter loved the Jumper. It gave her freedom of movement and was great exercise for her... it's also the cutest thing ever to see her when she first learns how to do it!

    Bath Chair... saves the back and protects the baby!