Diaper Bag Shopping

  • Hey everyone,

    My name is Amber and I am 27 weeks along.  I will be a first time mom with a little girl in August. =)  I recently took my first trip into Babies R Us...and talk about overwhelming!!  A seemingly endless 'must-haves' list?!?  Anyway, I've taken care of some of the big stuff, then I decided I deserved to look online at fun stuff -- like diaper bags.  Some are trendy and clutch-size (really?), others look big and bulky, with changing pads included (an added bonus?) and countless pockets.  Some are plastic-y material and have hooks so they can hang on a stroller - are all these features necessary?  

    One thing they do all seem to have in common though is price, mostly upwards of $60.  Wow, ridiculous.

    I only want ONE bag, so I want all-in-one and practical, but also cute if possible. =)

    After reading a few customer opinions, I decided I'd ask all you experienced parents on here:   Which bag is the best and Why? ...

  • If you are looking to scoop up a potential bargain, see if there are any consignment shops in your area that specialize in juvenile products. It may be worth checking out if you don't want to drop big bucks on items like diaper bags. You can always buy a new bag if there isn't anything appealing to you, but my wife shops a local establishment like this, and has found that many items are practically new, including a diaper bag that she bought as an extra one.

  • A friend of mine found an oversized purse / tote that she uses for a diaper bag and she got it at Target for about $20.  It's very cute and fits all of her gear.  I have a back pack syle diaper bag by Columbia that my husband picked out.  Another friend has the same one and she loves how it frees up both arms while out and about.  I'm looking forward to that feature.  As for pockets and changing pads I think that's all personal preference.  Mine came with a pad but I also received disposable changing pads as a shower gift which are handy because then I'm not stuffing a dirty changing pad back into my bag!  While mine is technically a diaper bag and small back pack would work the same so don't think you need a "diaper bag"  you need a bag that works for you and holds your stuff comfortably :)

  • It depends on what you like! I like big purses so i knew i was going to want a big diaper bag. That is the one thing that i wanted to buy myself because your going to use it all the time and some of those bags can be very tacky. I got mine at Carters it was 55 marked down to 42 and i absolutely love it! They have great styles, shapes, and sizes and they were all built to last.

  • It does not matter. Get some you can carry around. Remember, you will probably pack your things and baby's in  your the bag. It' s happens. Don't weigh down your shoulders though.

  • I agree that you'll want something that fits your lifestyle because YOU will be carrying it around every day. Although most diaper bags seem to be made to look like big purses for mommy, it might be nice to get something gender-neutral, so daddy won't mind carrying it around too. :-)

  • We used two different versions with our first (depended on whether we were travelling or not).  We ended up with a messenger tote from one of the box stores (Target, Walmart, or ?) for about $10 that worked really well.  Lots of room and pockets for goodies, toys, and Mom and Dad stuff.  When we did big airline trips we took a backpack.  Again just a standard school type backpack.  Less expensive and I prefer the style pockets they have.  Besides they usually have things like side pockets for a water bottle for the parent.  And to top it all off, you can get Dad to carry one of these without feeling like he's any less of a man.

    Side note: We tried "diaper bags" both large and small.  Always ended up fighting with them.  Either too big or too small and didn't fit our lifestyle.  People are right when they say to get one that fits YOU.  Not what the store says you have to have.

  • Diaper bags ARE ridiculously expensive if you pay full price for them. As AnswerDad01 suggested, going to a consignment store is a great idea. You can often find items that are very gently used, and in some cases never used at all, for a fabulous price. Another idea is to simply buy a large bag that holds all your diaper changing items. If it has a few pockets and is easy to carry, it will do the trick. With my little boy, I bought a small hiking type backpack. It had lots of great pockets and places to keep things and cost about half of what a diaper bag would have cost. It's okay to be creative!