Bedding Help!

  • My husband and I do not want to find out the sex of the baby and we are having a hard time finding a bedding that we like. I would really like to get some kind of black and white theme. The problem is that a lot of the b/w bedding is more girlie than we would like. If you have any suggestions I would LOVE  them. Thanks!! :)

  • We did not find out with either of our two babies (they both turned out to be girls) and we had similar issues. We decided to use navy blue and white as the colors for our first's room, and green and white for our second's room. in each case, we knew we could choose the third color for drapes, bedding, etc. whioch would be more gender appropriate. Our oldest has blue white and pink, and our youngest has green white and pink. It worked out well for us. If it would have eben a boy, it would have been blue white and red, and green white and blue.

  • Gender neutral black and white bedding can be hard to find. You could just get all white bedding and get a black crib. Decorate the rest of the room in black and white to stick with your theme. I like your idea - very classy!

  • Did you find something nice for the baby? I always love hearing about people's decor!

  • We went with Martex Creme Brulee, even though I knew I was having a boy, mainly because we are planning on eventually having #2, and we figured that would be safe. You could also go with CoCaLo Snickerdoodle at Toys R Us. I hope that helped! Congratulations!!