Any good ideas for a homemade shower gift?? Knitting???

  • One of my BFFs is pregnant and I want to make her a gift. I'm not terribly handy, but I thought a nice warm blanket would be good for a Feb due date. Has anyone ever knit a blanket or hat? Is 1 easier than the other? My mom taught me how to knit, but I've not knitted anything on my own. Can I use any yarn or should I shoot for natural yarns like cotton or supersoft wool?


    If knitting something is a beast, does anyone have a recommendation for a good handcrafted baby thing or a website where I could get something (like Garnet Hill but not as pricey)? I want it to be homey and cozy.

  • One good idea for a personal, thoughtful, homemade baby shower gift is to give the mom to be preaddressed thank you cards. If you can get the guest list in advance you can buy enough thank you cards for every guest and just write the address of each guest on an envelope. That will save the mom to be a lot of time when she sends out the thank yous. You could even go ahead and write a thank you note to yourself and save her more time! Stick out tongue

  • A knitted blankie would be a great gift. I wish I had tips on how to knit one, but I am creatively challenged.

    The card idea is really good! I also think diaper cakes are really cute. At the last shower I went to someone had made something to hang on the door at the hospital and then put up in the nursery. You could make a pretty wreath in baby blue or pink.

  • Not sure what your budget is buuut:

    While I know they come pre-made, a handmade one would be something spectacular (and could even be in a different/more custom to the parents to be shape)... I'm talking about a Diaper Cake. Not only does it save them money in the early days but it is incredible useful.

  • Don’t know if I am too late ... but I agree with StrongDad07.  Diaper cakes are great.  If you buy a pack of diapers alone or with a group of people.  Think of getting them in bulk at a superstore like Sam’s Club or Costco, this can all save you money!  Then you can add $1 sample size baby products (shampoo, lotion, body wash, diaper cream, wipes), a comb or brush, make wash cloth flowers or bows, stuffed animals, or bibs.

    Build one; don’t buy it.  She’ll love it!

  • I would have to agree...I think a diaper cake is a great idea.  I recieved a diaper cake that had t-shirts attached to it...It was a great gift for my new little one!

  • My mom made a diaper cake when I had a baby shower.  She is very handy with all types of crafts and sewing so it was so cute that I just couldn't use take it apart.  She decorated the base with tiny plastic baby accessories from Hobby Lobby.  The topper was a cute plush lamb in pastel colors.  That was perfect because my daughter was born right before Easter so it tied in the season.

  • All of these ideas are great! BabyMamaSomeday, did you already make your gift? What did you decide to do?

  • I've actually had more hand made blankets that I've used then all the other ones.  I wouldn't get wool because it can shrink and be really itchy if not washed right.  I'd splurge a little and get the softer stuff I can't say I'm familiar with brands but when you go to the craft store ask someone who is schopping for yarn and ask their opinion.  knitted and crocheted blankets are becoming a thing of the past.  Congrats for making one for her!

  • LOL! Diaper cakes!!! I've only recently heard of them. My only concern is that a couple of my friends kept them as is and didn't use any of the diapers!!! They thought the cakes were too pretty to break up ... that's a lot of diapers gathering dust!!!

    I love the idea of handmade blankets too though -- even though I'm a novice knitter.

    I'm definitely going crafty for their gifts ... so I'm going to hit Michaels and do a couple of diaper cakes for a few of my friends and a handmade blanket (if its not too ugly) for my closest friend's baby. BTW, thanks for the tip on wool! That's my preferred fiber usually. I guess when your skin is as soft as a baby's butt, wool is a little itchy :)

    Great ideas guys! Thanks so much. I'll let you know how they turn out. I'll also post pix and some diaper cake instructions. But only if they turn out right :)

  • I find a great shower gift to be a packet of seeds or a flower bulb. you write a poem or find one on line and attach it to the packet then each person has a nice flower to remember your child by

    I personally find lilies easiest to grow and lots of people like

    Allso a great idea for showers is an advice book for the new mom

    put out paper , stickers , markers, and a binder let each person create a paper that passes on their own advice and best wishes.

    photos from the shower can accompany the advice when the book is assembeled


  • I want to 2nd or 3rd the idea for the diaper cakes! When I worked in the NICU they were the latest and greatest gift idea. The varieties that I saw! You can go in so many directions with this idea. Do a google-image search of "diaper cake" and you will come up w/a ton of great ideas! -jess
  • Diaper cakes are definitely super cute, and are great decor for the shower, they were used as the centerpieces at mine, and had all sorts of things attatched to them, with plush toys on top as well.

    Another idea that someone did at my baby shower was decorated a ton of bibs, they bought a pack of 10 fabric ones and designed them especially for my baby...needless to say he had the cutest bibs around, with bow ties/ neck ties/ dinosaurs/ hearts/ stars, you name it, and they kept a few blank as well.  I liked them so much i didn't want to ruin them.  Definitely keepsakes.

    Getting crafty, actually one of the activities at my shower was designing/decorating onesies, the best idea ever!  I was amazed at the ideas people came up w/.  A ton of onesies in multiple sizes (6months to 24months) were boughten in bulk at a hanes store.  After some simple instruction and a few pre cut stencils and letters people took turns creating their masterpieces.  Not only did they turn out AMAZING (some not so much, but my son wears them can never have enough!) it was a great activity for people that didn't know each other to get to know other people there.

  • I made a few homemade gifts for people. For my best friend I made her a basket of all my "favorite" can't live without them baby products! She loved it and it was very practical. For my sister, I made her a cute and personalized toy box for the baby's room. You can make a blanket and have it embroidered, or make the baby's first christmas stocking or ornament if the baby is due close to Christmas. 

  • I love to give people the gift of experiences...even though that's not quite homemade. Like a photography session or a prenatal massage or spa day. It's different and the mom's really love it!