• I am a first time mom LONG time child caregiver.  I am always frustrated with bulky, heavy strollers that knock you down just trying to get them set up.  I need something light weight and maneuverable.  Something I can take to the store, lake or anywhere else. 

    I saw a post from last year on here but I know there are a ton more new strollers to pick from and I'd love any advice about any strollers out there!

  • Not sure how old your baby is, but we lived by the Snap N Go stroller. As you probably know, it allows you to take the car-carrier and simply snap it into a stroller. This causes little to no disruption for your baby if sleeping, and the stroller is lightweight and easy to break down. I share your opinion on big. bulky strollers, but at times they are a necessary evil for us.

  • I am a new mom again after 15yrs, and we looked and tested many diffrent strollers at the diffrent stores we ended up buying the Chico very easy set-up and take down.

  • I'm going to be a first time mum to twins.  We have tried out lots of tandem strollers in different stores and have decided to go with the double snap n go until the babies grow out of their infant seats.  We are getting the baby trend as it fits most brands of infant carseats and we have bought two graco car seats that fit it perfectly.  good luck with your pregnancy

  • I'm going with a travel system but trying to decide between the chico which goes up to 30 lbs rear facing and a Graco Quattro Pro that goes to 35 lbs rear facing. I also recently saw the Safety 1st in black and pink which I believe was 32-35 lbs but didn't have any reviews yet since it was new but the same 1 in a boy color had great reviews. I'm anticipating the baby growing quickly since my 1st weighed on 7'13 but within 2 weeks she was up to 9lbs and by 4 months she weighed a whopping 18 pds so that didn't leave much room for her infant carrier. For her height she was okay but weight was totally a different story and she was strictly a breastfed baby. I didn't start any cereal or foods early. I followed my doctors orders to the tee so if her sister follows in her footprints I'd like to use her infant carrier as long as possible as well as not deal with a bulky stroller but I'm sure comprimise will bear it's ugly face so right now safety is priorityStick out tongue

  • I don't use a stroller 'cause I carry the baby in a wrap.  However, we did get a snap n go for my husband.  He just snapped the car seat into it.  That was a great, inexpensive option and we're happy with that decision.  Pretty soon, we're going to get an inexpensive umbrella stroller.



  • Any version of a "snap and go" or a "car seat stroller frame" is the way to go. You simply carry the frame around and snap the car seat into it.  It really is so light. There is still a cup holder for coffee on them and a basket underneath to carry your bags, etc so you aren't sacrificing storage space. Once your child grows out of their infant car seat, you can move them to a light weight umbrella type stroller. Good luck!

  • I see that your post is several months old, but I wanted to share my experience. My husband is in the military and an avid runner so he was determined to get a good jogging stroller. We got a Baby Trend Expedition ELX Travel System Jogger. We love it! It is so easy to manuver and goes practically anywhere. It is a bit bulky, and I wouldn't advise anyone with a small trunk to carry it around because it is heavy, but for us it is perfect. It fits perfectly into our SUV, turns on a dime and our daughter rides perfectly comfortable in it without the carseat at only 7 weeks. Definitely something to look into if you want comfort and maneuverablity!