What baby products are necessary and which are overkill?

  • I'm 23 and expecting a baby girl in October. My friends aren't very helpful and its been 21 years since my mom has had a baby so she isn't very up to date with the new products. My question is what products are really helpful and which ones are going to sit in the corner and barely get used. Like almost everyone else I am on a budget but I don't mind spending the extra money on products that are going to help me. The main problem I'm having is trying to figure out if I will be using a jumper, the vibrating seat, and the saucer, or is best just to get one. Also is it best to get a convertible car seat or an infant car seat or a travel system and if the convertible car seat is best what do I carry the baby around in since the car seat will remain in the car? Any other tips on the best products to buy and the worst would be very helpful! Thank you so much!!

  • For a newborn baby, you don't need much else besides a crib and maybe a swing. Everything else is secondary. When they get a bit bigger (like 5-6 months) an exersaucer is a good buy, but you can pick ones up pretty cheap online. I think that a convertible car seat is good for someone who is on a budget, but the travel systems sure are handy. Find a travel system that goes up to 30 lbs though because babies can easily reach 20 pounds before they are 9 months old. Good luck!

  • I would definitely not get all three products. Your baby can get comfortable with only  just one. Also, in my opinion, having too many swings, jumpers, and such will not encourage you to spend as much physical, one-on-one time with baby. :-)

  • Smileclothing- onesies are the most impotant next to sox and then mits.Have plenty of onesies because they really come in handy. after that a couple of outfits that are 0-3 months. Try not to buy too many new born clothing because babies grow at such a rapid pace. They go through cloths really fast. If your breast feeding then a boppy pillow is a must and also a pump without these two things you will not last. sooo many women give up breast feeding. my opinion is if your on a budget then breast feed it saves money big time, you lose whieght faster, and your baby is healthy. a portable bouncy seet or swing is a must when it comes to toys. it helps big time. a play pen is a big one. cribs are not a must if you are on a budget because you can use the play pen as a crib as i have learned my grandmother did for two of her children. a baby bath, wash cloths, stroller, diaper bag, pacifires big time(they lose them all the time so get a clip to hold it down.), swattleing blankets and birp rags you can never have enough of, and a highgene kit... stock up on these things every time you get a coupon or see them on sale!!!shampoo, lotion, baby pouder, diapers, diaper rash cream, and whipes.GET the important thing first then wait till after the baby shower befor you buy a bunch of cloths and stuff. WinkPRIORITY THINGS ARE: car seet(costco), stroller, breast pump, play pen(target)<<<----- (Tongue Tiedcant be cheep! on those four things you must buy good quality.)boppy pillow(walmart)

    Toys are so hard to resist but they are last on your list of important things. You dont have to spend an extreme amount on toys to make your baby happy. toys that clip or attach and untach to car seets, strollers, play pens and cribs come in handy. toys that make noise but arent going to drive you crazy like rubber ducks, rattles, and pull and vibrate toys babies love. a couple of texture and chewing toys. then the last thing is JUST A COUPLE of somewhat expensive toys of your choice that have to do with learning, like a lay and play.  Most everything on the list that I named exept for the things on the (proirity things) can be bought at walmart. If you know anyone who has had a baby then hand me downs are the best(when it comes to sertain things). babies cost soooo much already so thank AngelGod for whatever you are given.

    God bless you and I hope this way too long message helped.Big Smile

  • I found it to be very necessary to have a bouncy seat. It provided her entertainment and relaxation and was perfect for if she took a quick nap.  My daughter had colic and she loved being in it when she was unhappy.  I think it took her mind off of whatever was bothering her.  I also think a swing is a necessity. The travel systems are great b/c the stroller  usually comes with carrier  and my daughter was in her carrier until about 6 months (she was very heavy to carry though!!) Also b/c if they fall asleep and you are out and about you can keep them in the seat to take them into stores and they will most likely stay sleeping.  A sleeping baby is a happy baby!!  Sometimes you can get great deals at yard sales and on e-bay or craigslist. 

  • something that has been a helpful to me is a snap n go stroller frame. Its soo much easier to flip out this little frame and stick your car seat on it. If you are not getting a travel system I would deffinatly recomend this. I got a travel system but my stroller is kinda big (its a safety 1st stroller) I mean its a great stroller if we are out side for a long time, but for quick trips to the store, i love my snap and go stroller. My sister is due in Febuary and she is getting a car seat and a snap n go stroller frame untill spring time then she is getting a jogger stroller.  Also if you are going to have the baby in your room, Fisher price makes this seat is calls a Newborn Play and Sleep chair, Its a seat that is actually a certified bassinet and it sleeps at a 45 degree angle (my son has to sleep inclined) I originally bought it because its so portable, i can use it as a bedside  bassinet and it was only $50. (im a single mom on a tight budget) But then my son was diagnosed with severe acid reflux  (GERD) so he has to stay at atleast 30 degree angle at all times and this seat has  been a lifesaver! It folds up pretty flat so I take it everywhere with us when we go to visit family! 

  • I was in a similar boat right before my son was born, i'm 26 and a single parent on  a really tight budget. but i've found that the most handy things to have are his playpen  I bought one of the more expensive pack and plays from walmart  and it has been a lifesaver it is a regular sized playpen with a insert that attaches to the sides that raise the bottom up for while he's this young but when he's older i can eliminate it a attachable mobil a diaper pouch that snaps on the side to old the diapers and wipes pluse cream and such and it also has a a easy to remove changeing table. it sounds like a lot but when jax was born i didn't have a crib yet so i just used the playpen and it was easy to move about the house so whereever i was he was and i was nice to have him so close right beside the bed at night and everything was right there for me to change him i just kept some pemeasured botles by the bed with the formula powder so all i had to do was mix it up feed him change him and right back to sleep he went with very minimal stimulation. Also bottles if your bottle feeding the more the better I wish i would have had more at the start washing them constantly was a bit of a pain i've found you can never have to many onesies or recieving blankets my little man is a squirter though so you may not have that problem with a girl lol. I went for the travel system it's nice because the base stays in the car and all i have to do is snap it in and out but it also snaps right on the stroller and the best part is i can contiue to use the stroller after he has grown out of the seat because it is just a regular stroller with a attachable bar for the seat once he's bigger i take the bar off and just put him in the regular seat it was a bit pricy to but i was thinking in the long run i'll save because i won't need to buy another one for a few years these are also really good things to add to your list if you have a shower some of your family members could even go together to get one that way no one is spending that much and you still get long time use out of them. as far as worse products go i was given a diaper wipe warmer and have yet to bother plugging it in( honestly i didn't even know what it was at first i had to have someone tell me lol i had never heard of it before) and also most baby toys can wait jax is a whole monh old now and has yet to show any interest in them because he's still a little to small to play with them yet he's just as entertained when i put the playpen next to a window and he can look out so those are things you could probably wait on....i hope this helped and sorry it was so long lol

  • Our baby hates being confined, so the Pack in Play has gone unused.

    While we did end up using a boppy for nursing, I started off just using pillows from the bed or sofa.

    I also carry our baby in a carrier A LOT, so I didn't use on contraptions like swings, bouncers, Bumbos, play pens, strollers, etc.  I had two baby carriers--a stretchy wrap and a ring sling.  The carriers helped me to get things done while keeping my hands free and the baby happy/quiet.  They also helped us have snuggle time and skin-to-skin time when we encountered small roadblocks with breastfeeding.  If you want info on baby carriers, you can check out www.thebabywearer.com

  •  :stroller,carseat,the bouncer that rocks and swing and a crib  newborns dont really need much their more into the mommy. then a floor toy and crib toy when they get a little older for motor skills

    if you can find like a 3 in 1 that would be great

  • all that extra stuff will handycap the baby independence and learning skills

  • I have a 10 week old son and can tell you what I use and what I would do different with my next child. First, my son has very bad allergies. He is allergic to milk protein, polyester, non organic bath washes and lotions. These are the ones we know of so far. He also was 9lbs 12oz at birth and is 16 lbs 8 oz and 25" now. This meant no newborn clothes or diapers. We bought all 0-3 and up. Gowns, onesies,sleepers, socks all 100% cotton after finding out about my sons allergies. Receiving blankets, he'll only sleep swaddled. Breast pump, bottles, we use a craddle, 1 playmat, changing pad, swing, diaper bag (the one given at the hospital), nasal and mouth aspirators, travel system, nail clippers, baby bath, organic bath wash, eczema cream, diapers, rash cream, wipes and pacifire (however, he doesn't always like one and we went thru like every brand). These are all things we use every day and if I have to pick one item out of the big ones that I rely on the most, its my travel system. I use it in the house, in the car, walking, at stores and even when we go to peoples houses. It works as a carseat, stroller, chair, rocker, feeding chair, quick bed, tote cart. It is so versatile! I am also glad that I bought it brand new, with as much as I use it, it was worth every penny!

  • One way to save money. Make your own baby wipes. All you need is a container that seals tightly. Target has a nice one in their tupperware isle. Pinch the tabs on the top to pull out or press in. The container itself is clear but the lid is gray (i believe). The size I bought was $8.99. Then you need soft paper towel such as Viva. Cut the paper towel in half and carefully discard the center tub (this is the hardest part but not too difficult). You will pull wipes from the center. Use two cups of water. You can either boil the water first or not. Once boiled and cooled (if this method is chosen) mix in 2 tablespoons baby wash/bath, and 2 tablespoons baby oil. Mix together. Place cut and cored paper towel in container. Poor solution over towels. Cover and shake. Depending on your preference you can use more water if you would like wetter wipes. These are very inexpensive. Most expensive is the paper towel but look for them on sale and you get two containers of wipes out of one roll. The baby oil and wash will last many containers of wipes! Not only are they less expensive they are better for your baby's skin.

    Additionally, try craigslist for things you need. I got a changing table for $25 a rocking chair for $50. People are always selling travel systems/strollers. You just need to check everyday. Garage sales are good options too. I've gotten bottles, bumbo seat, jumper gym thing all really cheap at garage sales. I know its getting to be winter now but they are a life savor.

    Oh and a friend of mine told me to always shop for the next year at the end of each season.

    Get in mom groups in your area; they can be of great help as well.

    Good luck.


    I had a baby girl in September, & even though I'm not a single parent, I was on a budget, because my boyfriend didn't have the job he has now (which allowed a pay increase). I use my swing the most. My little girl will nap in it. I got a travel swing, which is great! If you don't plan on traveling, try to get a plug in swing. Everyone has different babies though. Even though Kaylie loved her swing, your little girl might not!

    If you are planning on having a baby shower (and, I would assume you are), go and register at Target or Babies 'R' Us. I prefer Babies 'R' Us because they have a bigger range of products. Register for a crib, pack-and-play (unless you plan on staying home, but these are VERY helpful for summer if you want to do things outside, OR if you visit a family member overnight.), and a swing or bouncer (I got the swing, and the bouncer, but Kaylie preferred the swing, so we don't use the bouncer anymore), and although a lot of parents don't use their changing tables, I really like mine. I would suggest getting a tub that changes, and not just a newborn sink sling. Always register for Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo (but the hospital will give you little sample bottles, try to get more then one, they are great for the diaper bag!), lotion, and things, and of course, Diapers. I registered for size 1, 2, & 3, because you never know how long a baby will be in NB diapers. Kaylie, ended up being pre-mature and in Preemies & newborns for a while. I always say  "Id rather put her in a big diaper, because I ran out of NB then have 10 boxes of NB and her be in size 1". Definitely think about what your situation calls for. If you plan on breastfeeding, try to get a really nice pump, if you can't, see if your hospital will RENT you one, (it gets costly, but the insurance might rent it for you, if you can't latch your baby, mine bought me one.) but owning one is the best. I would suggest a boppy pillow, I use mine all the time, (tummy time, or just propping her up a little), but you can use just a regular old pillow to help support you while breastfeeding. Register for one, and at least 2 slip-covers (they're amazing). I would suggest a little bottle of All-Free & Clear or Dreft (so the baby doesn't get a rash) but I stopped using it after Kaylie was 2 months. Don't buy too many clothes for your baby before your baby shower! ALWAYS try to see what you need first if you are on a budget! And if you do get something, and someone buys you the same thing as a gift, try to return one (it wont hurt their feelings!). As for the Jumper or the Exersaucer, see if you can get an exersaucer that jumps too. Some of them have a little bounce to them. The "walk around" exersaucer is what I enjoy, because she can learn to walk in it. However, they aren't necessary for a few months. (Christmas anyone?) Remember that a lot of things out there are luxury, and not necessity! Try to register for the things you think YOU will use. I prefer the convertible seat, but if you can get a travel system & a convertible seat (try to get one of the one's that hold up to 100 pounds). I used my infant seat (travel system) until Kaylie had head control, and then switched to the convertible one, because the infant seat was hard to carry back & fourth. If you register for a travel system & a convertible seat but only get one or the other, I would suggest getting an infant seat from a consignment shop. But remember to check the seat's manufacture date, & ask about recalls. No consignment shop should sell anything that has been recalled! If the seat is older then 6 years you CAN NOT use it! Try to get a snugride 35 by Graco, it's the TOP infant seat. and I loved it. Definetly purchase a Cozy Cover for the infant seat, because your daughter will be small during the winter.

    Register for/Purchase:

    • Convertible carseat
    • Travel system
    • Swing OR a bouncer
    • boppy pillow
    • 2 slip covers for the pillow
    • bottle brushes
    • extra bottles/nipples
    • baby shampoo/lotion
    • crib, & changing table
    • pack-and-play if you plan on traveling.
    • exersaucer or jumper.


    I hope this was helpful.