Im not a bottomless pit of money!!!(even if I wish I were lol)

  • Angry  grrrr why does everything cost sooooo much I cant afford to get all the wonderfull things I couldnt have with my oldest that I was told I could have because "well have more money when the next baby comes" yeah right! we didnt think about how much thoe cute little dresses and shoes and accessorys were gonna cost that our oldest just couldnt live without not to mention the fairy wings and baby dolls and all the other things that litter the toy  room floor why cant maufacturers understand that moms need a break on the wallet to I mean isnt that why they get things made in china so it will cost them less....oh what a headache!Sad

  • It is hard to figure out what to buy and what not to buy--especially as the children grow and their "want" list grows too. But if you can put a limit on what you spend for your daughter and teach her to be happy with the little things and not "expect" everything, both of you will be happier in the long run. It is a daunting task I know--especially when they are bombarded with ads on TV...but worth it! Children are surprisingly happier with fewer items...and you are too (especially since you don't have to clean up so often).

  • I totally see where your coming from on the whole kids are happy with less and I can definentley say its true because when we had our own house(we had a house fire) aryhona had less but now that were at my moms while we rebuild she has every toy on the planet because she gets to share with my niece whom my mother has full custody of so Im swimmin in barbies babys and ponys lol thanks for the feed back and now that Iv had the baby shower Im realizing maybe calli doesent really need all that crap because its already a daunting task to organize and put away the small amount of things she has! thanks again!Big Smile Yes

  • I totally understand! To me it seems like they are making all of the large items and disp. Items more affordable with all the different "store" brands and economical size things manufacturers are producing but the clothing prices are going way up. If you want to dress your child in plain onsies or solid color pants/shirts etc. You can find affordable clothes however put any kind of design on it and u can expect to pay as much for it as ur own clothes.