Baby's first outfit

  • First time mom and I am packing my bag for the hospital.  I am unsure of the best outfit for my baby to wear home.  She is due at the end of April and weather can be warm or cool but my main concern is what is best for the umbilical cord.  I have the wrap around button front white t-shirts but do I pair that with pants?  Or is a one-piece zip up pajama outfit better even though it would cover the cord?  Or what about a onesie?  I am trying not to overpack but I'd rather be over prepared, especially when it comes to the new baby.  Thanks for any advice

  • It really just depends on what you would like in your pictures. The umbilical cord isn't something to worry too much about. If she wears pants, you can place the waist band underneath it. Pjs are normally loose enough not to bother the cord. If the outfit you choose is short sleeved, you can always lay a blanket over her if it gets chilly that day. I brought a cute outfit for my babies to be photographed in (when the hospital takes their pics) and used that as the going home outfit. One thing to that does need some consideration is the size. Even at 8lbs9oz, my son's 0-3 months outfit swallowed him whole. I would choose something pretty small if you are able.

  • I would probably suggestion the one piece outfit.   the two pieces may be more than likely to irritate the umbilical cord.    But I am no expert!!  I have a 4 week old and was clueless on what she should wear home but I took a one piece pj type of outfit and it worked but I will suggest something that I don't think you can have enough of....  night gowns!!   they make it a lot easier to change diapers and if your hospital is the same as mine, they had my girl in them the whole time and she and I were use to them with how quickly it makes changing diapers, checking diapers to see if they were dirty, etc.

    Good luck and Congrats!

  • My son wore a onsie and pair of pants home from the hospital. Even though he was 8lbs 14oz, the newborn size pants were huge on him and went up almost to his chest. He looked like a little old man with his pants hiked up lol. So definitely take sizing into consideration as well.

  • Do you know about how big your baby is now? I had an outfit all picked out for my daughter to come home from the hospital in. When she was born at 6 lbs 5 oz, it was WAY too big. I was lucky my aunt came by with a package of newborn onesies. If you can get an estimated size from your OB, it might help narrow your options.

  • Keep in mind that if you choose a gown or dress to bring your baby home in, you will have to hike it up around their upper legs to buckle them in the infant carrier. A Sleep N Play might be good. They are good for almost any weather this time of year, one piece, and will cover their legs. You can even find them with made in mittens to keep your baby from scratching thier face.

  • My daughter was born in March 2005...very cold.  What I did was took a special little dress to the hospital so she'd be wearing something nice for her pics and then we had a 2 piece fleece outfit for going home.  The pants did not irritate her cord stub at all. My daughter was 7 pounds 6 ounces and both of her outfits were preemie size.  It wouldn't hurt to have just a few of these on hand so that your baby will have clothing that fits those first couple weeks.  Just don't spend too much on them, they outgrow them so fast!  I agree that the gowns are great for middle of the night, but when my daughter was in the hospital they had her in side-snap t-shirts and diapers.  I love the side-snap shirts so much!  Much better than onsies in my opinion.  Good luck!

  • We had a onesie for her, it was conveinent and simple for us to use (one less thing to worry about for her first day home). We did have to get it in a premie size though because even though she was not a premie she was still so small she fit into that better than newborn clothes. Depending on when your baby is due may also decide if you want something warm versus something lighter, but if you keep your home cold with the ac I'd suggest at least long sleeves as a just in case.

  • I picked up the cutest outfit online from Babies R Us for the coming home outfit and I ordered it in the Premie size and it will be just perfect for a newborn baby to go home in. I suggest you do the same, they are not as small as you may think.