Does anyone have an "Itzbeen" timer?

  • If anyone has one, how do you use it to its fullest?  I read that some parents achieved a good routine with sleep, etc. using it, but I don't see any chatter anywhere about how to do this.  Any input is welcome.

  • I've never heard of this. Do you use it to keep up with baby care?

  • It has 4 timers on it: one for diapers, bottles, and naps.  Then the 4th timer can be for whatever you want (medicine doses, etc.).  Also reminds you which breast you fed from last.  Available at The Land of Nod website.  Also at the Itzbeen website.

  • I have two and it was very helpful early on with my twins....especially with the breastfeeding...I was so tired I had no clue what I had done or when and it was a huge help....definitly worth the $$

  • I've seen it in the store!  I was thinking about getting it for the hubby.  He's Mr. Mom and is always asking me when the baby last ate, or had her diaper changed, might be pretty helpful.

  • If he's really into timing, it might be helpful to him.  I think he'll like it.  My husband actually wanted to order one for me while I was still pregnant, and I didn't see how it could help.  Now the baby's here, and I saw something similar in BabyTalk magazine.  It sounds good now.

    I am still learning how to use it to work on a routine for baby.  Some people have used this for setting routines.

  • Someone recommended it to me when I was pregnant and I thought it was a silly thing to have. But my husband bought it anyway and I have to say I am glad he did. I use it all the time. My son is 5 weeks old and I have been using it since we brought him home from the hospital. I think I'm probably really happy with it because I seem to be so tired I'm forgetting everything lately and it's really nice to not have to think about how long it's been between feedings, or how long he's been sleeping or awake (I use the last button for that). So when he's really fussy or crying first thing I do is look at the Itzbeen and see if it's time for him to eat or if he's been awake for too long. It helps me start to eliminate what could be wrong.

  • I agree.  I love using it, especially at night when I am trying to figure out my baby's pattern.  She is 3 weeks old.