Stroller--Jogger or 4-wheeled stroller?

  • I am expecting my first on April 22 and am having a hard time deciding between a jogger or a regular stroller.  I have heard good things about either one, but I wanted to get some more opinions.  I was looking at either a Baby Trend jogger travel system or one of the Graco Travel Systems.  Any help would be great!

  • Congrats!! The stroller decision, for me anyway, depended on a couple of factors. One, how active are you? Do you think you will be going out for runs or long walks over bumpy ground with the baby eventually? If you really don't do much of that, a regular Graco system might work best but if you like to be active, a jogger would work better. Another thought is your car space and trunk size. Do you have a large trunk or SUV type car that would hold a bigger, bulkier jogger? The travel systems usually fold up a little better than the jogger with big wheels.

    I used a Graco carseat with a simple Snap N Go stroller frame for when my boy was really little. The frame was super lightweight and went anywhere with me easily. When he was a little older, I had a simple umbrella stroller I used if I didn't want to take the bigger jogger with me. I love our jogger though, since I am an active person and go on lots of walks and runs with him. Im glad I have it! One word of advice, too, about joggers - make sure the front wheel swivels if you are a runner/walker. If the front wheel is fixed, it's hard to turn corners quickly! Hope this helps! :-)

  • I agree...evaluate your needs very carefully. Is it more important for you to be able to get in and out of the car quickly? If so, then a travel system and later on an umbrella stroller will be perfect. Are you an outdoor type of person who will be going on trails etc, then a jogger is a great option. Either way, it is really hard to find ONE stroller that does it all!!!

  • I also agree with the previous posters...evaluate your needs.  I'm still going to recommend the stroller I used for my first son (took me 4 strollers to finally find this one)...Baby Jogger City Mini. I LOVE this stroller.  It does look like a jogger stroller but it's not made for jogging (it has the smaller wheels).  Its closes compact and you only need one hand to open and close.  Currently I"m using the infant car seat with the snap n go for my 4 week old and my almost 5 yr old  in is the Baby Jogger (he loves this stroller, he asks to sit in it when we go out...surprising for an almost 5 yr old).  Its very easy, smooth to push this can literally use one hand.   I've had all kinds of strollers from Chicco travel system, Inglesina umbrella stroller, Combi stroller, Britax umbrella type stoller but in the end the Baby Jogger hands down  is the best.  It was a little on the pricier side but so worth it.  

    Take a look at the Baby Jogger site...I'm sure you'll be impressed. 

    Good Luck!!!


  • Mina576 - I agree with you. I am a VERY frugal shopper and shop with sales, coupons, etc. but some things are worth paying a bit more. You certainly get what you pay for with strollers, I've found. :-)

  • its hard to say...we i had my 2nd i got a baby trend sit and stand, but i had a new born and a 3 yr olds, so this worked great. now that i have my 3rd my son is now 2 1/2 and my oldest is now 5, so i really want  a the baby trend jogging stroller, and think this will work for me know. will you be wanting to walk more, or shopping? go from there.