• Being large chested might have something to do with it. Slings are often not one size fits all. I'm a "nearly A" Embarrassed, so I had no trouble with mine. You might try a sling that has a ring on the side, so you can use as much or little fabric as you like. I got mine for only 15.00 on Ebay. It is one size fits all.

  • After my son my chest was a DD+ depending on when he fed last.  My Moby Wrap was never a problem as it is just a piece of cloth ... literally.   I would try and return your sling (even now) or try to resell it.  The Moby Wrap works up to 25lbs or 1 year (which ever comes first).  From the site (now) though it looks like maybe they have made ones for older kids too. 

    I understand $$$ being and issue but the Moby is is $40 at or try your local Craig's List or even Ebay for great deals.

    PLUS if your friend got the wrap/sling for you at a store they might give you all or some credit and you can get something you will us and NOT collect dust!  That will make you and your friend much happier!

  • I think I am going to try to find the box for it and exchange it at Target.  If not, maybe I can sell it on Ebay or sell or trade on Craigslist - those were really good ideas!  I posted an ad on Craigslist stating I was looking for one since there were none listed in my area.

  • Where do you find this peanut shell brand.


  • There are different types of quality slings.  It's super helpful to find the right type for you and your baby.  There are five major types

    Pouches, ring slings, mei tais, buckle (or soft-structured) carriers and wraps.  Wraps are generally either stretchy or woven.

    A quality baby carrier can be used from the time your baby is born until their in pre-school.  I'v used a carrier daily with our DD; both she and I benefit from it.  She gets to see things at an adult eye level & gets to be close to me.  I have my hands free to ride an escalator, get through tight spaces, ride mass transit, even take salsa and bellydancing classes!

  • @SumSkyBaby

    I'm sorry that you didn't like wrapping.  That's my favorite type of carrier because of the versatility.  They can be used with multiple people (mom, dad, etc.), in a variety of positions (cradle, tummy-to-tummy, hip, back), and with a number of different ways of wrapping.

    Since the Moby Wrap is a stretchy wrap, it tends to get saggy and uncomfortable once the baby hits about 18 pounds (even though the manufacturer claims that you can use it longer).

    Woven wraps, however, can be used into a babe's in preschool--really, even kindergarden.  (Who wants to carry a six year old around though?)  Brands that I own include:  Didymos, Hoppediz, Vatanai, Ellevil, Girasol, Storchenwiega & BB-Slen.


  • @BabyNurse3


    Pouches can be a bit tricky to size appropriately.  However, with other types of carriers (ring sling, wrap, soft-structured carrier aka buckle carrier, or mei tai) you don't have to worry about that as much.

  • @writemommy10


    While the Moby is a popular wrap, it gets pretty HOT.  You don't have to worry about that as much with other carrier types (ring sling, pouch, mei tai or buckle carriers).  For wraps, there are plenty of wovenwraps or gauze wraps that are cool.  You can also use single-layer carries rather than multi-layer carries on warm days.

    I carry DD in a wrap daily.  If it's going to be super hot (like last summer when I walked a 5K Susan Komen Race for the Cure with her on my back) I just put fewer clothes on her.  She wore a onesie for the race without any additional clothes on.

  • @strongdad07


    You can achieve a high torso carry with a wrap.

  • @SumSkybaby

    TaylorMade makes quality ring slings.  I'm sorry you didn't like yours.

  • Where can the peanut brand you mentioned be found?

  • Have you looked on amazon? I bet that you can find what you are looking for there. What other sources have other mom's used? -Jess
  • I love the Bjorn carrier. My son loves to sleep on me facing in and look around at everything facing out. Its great to wear him around the house when I want to get things done. Iwould definitely recommend the Bjorn.

  • Bjorns are fabulous - I used mine for a while. My son grew out of it relatively quickly, though, and so I bought an Ergo and I think I will be able to use that from infancy to about 5 years old with my next one. It's not as simple as a basic sling but I love it for taking hikes and things too. Check it out!
  • My I make a humble and different suggestion?  I know a lot about the 5 major types of baby carriers (pouch, ring sling, mei tai, soft-structured carrier & wrap).  The Bjorn is among the bottom on my list of suggested soft-structured carriers.  The original Bjorn does not have a waist strap for the parent, so the shoulder straps tend to ride up the the parents back/shoulders and concentrate the child's weight there.  Also, the original Bjorn does not support the baby's hips and thighs in a seated position.  It has a strip of material that goes between the child's legs--concentrating the weight on a  small section of the chil'ds body.  Many parents will tell you that the Bjorn becomes too uncomfortable once the child hits about 15 pounds.

    There are lots of soft-structured carriers out there that can be used into toddlerhood--the distribute the weight across the adult's torso, and provide better support for the child.  The Ergo is one that provides good support.  The body of the Ergo, however, is not very high.  There are others that go higher and will provide better support for older children as the child grows.