• My daughter freaked out when I put her in a sling.  She was only about a month old at the time, but she cried like crazy.  I do wish they worked for us though.  It would make life easier.  We do have a Snuggli that she really likes, but it's not too great when she needs to sleep (she rarely falls asleep in an upward position).

  • I help teach parents how to use carriers.  There are a few things that help:

    --try a new carrier when your little one is already happy, well-fed and in a clean diaper

    --get moving:  bounce, rock or take a walk once you get your little settled into the carrier

    --be calm:  your little one can sense if you feel anxious or nervous about trying the carrier

    --mimic in-arms carrying positions--if your little likes to be held up high in "burp position," then use a carrier in a way that allows you to carry him/her in burp position.  Don't try something different like a cradle position.

  • Great advice from APmomma! Keep trying - your daughter will eventually get used to it...sometimes it's just a little bit different for the baby and takes a little bit of getting used to. If you use it while walking, like APmomma said, a lot of babies enjoy the movement and rocking motion. Hope it gets better for you!