DIAPERS, What size are babys in the longest the first year?? Anyone?

  • I am due in March 1st of 2011, and I am having a boy. I want to STOCK UP on enough diapers so that I dont have to keep running out to the store at least for the first 6 months or so...everyone tells me to just stock up on WIPES which I have...but what is the MOST SIZE USED DURING THE FIRST YEAR ON AVERAGE--NOTE: I know that I am having a boy, and my previous boy weighed 8 pounds at BIRTH so I do remember him not staying in Newborns but a couple of weeks, and after that its a blurrr....(10 yrs ago! lol...)


  • Congrats!! Well, just speaking from personal experience...my boy was born at 8lb 15oz. He was in newborn for about a week or two. After that, it was 1 and 2 for about the next 6 months. I would stock up equally on both. You will whip through them quicker than you think. :-) Hope this helps!

  • My little guy was also 8lb 1oz he was in NB for about 3 weeks or so.  He is 8 weeks today and is in size one (but lets see how long)  he is already 11.5 pounds.   I think the size ones go up to 14lbs or so.  Also, it depends on how chunky their legs are. I agree size one and two are going to be the ones you use most.  BJ's has great prices on them and you can use more then one coupon. 

      Congrats on the addition to the family :)  this is my first and I am loving it. 

  • I totally agree. I wouldn't buy many newborn but I definitely think you're safe stocking up on ones and twos.

  • it really depends on the size of the baby more than the weight range on the package of diapers. My son was born 4 weeks early so he only weighed 6lbs 5oz. he was on nb for a month. He's 8 wks old and 11.5 lbs now, and though they are a bit snug, he can still wear the nb size. size 1 is the best fit. so like my little guy, some babies get taller before chunkier, or really tall and chunky. i would say size one and 2 if yer stocking for the 1st 6months. my sisters son was born at 10lbs and even by 6 months when he was a beefy beef cake i dont think he was in any bigger than a 2 or 3; and he's always been considered on the really large for his age side.