Road Trip Essentials

  • We are going on a vacation via car which will require lots of time on the road. What has your experience been with keeping kids occupied during a road trip? What would you say we should not travel without? Thanks for any advice!

  • How old are you kids again? I'm interested to see what the parents out there say because I have not had too much experience with older babies/kids in the car and I know that's in our future. We have done two 8 hour car trips with our little boy and he is 15 months. If I were to do it with him right now, I'd borrow a car DVD player from a friend for him to watch, musical CD's that keep him entertained with songs and activities, some scribble activity books (maybe with those special markers that don't mark anywhere but the book) and/or a Magnadoodle. Not to mention plenty of snacks! :-)

  • Definitely plenty of snacks!! I would also second a portable DVD player if it's a long trip. Something else I think is a good idea is to sort of ration out favorite toys over time rather than giving them to the child all at once so they don't get bored with it all too quickly. If they are old enough for imaginary play I'd definitely take things like dolls or toy animals or action figures so they can dream up new scenarios. My kids have actually tolerated road trips better than I do!

  • Our kids are 3, 22 months and 1 month! We have the DVD player mounted and ready to go and a full variety of snacks. We are leaving at dawn and hope to get halfway through the trip before the kids even wake up, but we are expecting the unexpected and making the journey part of the adventure! Thanks for the tips!