Sippy Cups

  • I always thought buying a sippy cup was just a matter of picking out the cutest cup and going with it. That was before I noticed black mold around the spill proof spout of one of our favorite sippies. Now ease of cleaning is the number one item on my must have list. When dealing with beginning cup users there are many things to consider such as: spout type, handles, size, and shape. Who knew the world of sippy cups could be so complex? What is your favorite style?

  • Sippy Cups were really hard for me because my daughter (now 11 mo.) was and still is breastfed. She never had a bottle to learn to tip it up and herself back to get the good stuff. I got a single sippy cup from Playtex. It had the handles and the spout that wouldn't leak but my daughter hated it.

    She'd get mad when the liquid wouldn't come out from just sucking on it. We tried everything from showing her by doing it ourselve, to forcing her to lean back and tipping it up ourselves. Still she hated it because she didn't want to lean back or have us hold it for her. (She's very much a "do it myself" baby.)

    So I went and looked for sippy cups for toddlers that had straws. I found the perfect one at Target by "Nuby" and it has a flip close feature to keep the silicone straw clean, and it's BPA free. It completely disassembles, the straw comes in three parts (soft silicone for them to suck on and 2 harder plastic that goes inside the cup) It's dishwasher safe and comes in tons of great colors, and they have cute decals on some, like lady bugs and Thomas the Train.

    Finally! She loves the sippy cup. I was happy that it was so easy for me to clean and after reading about the stages of sippy cups a baby should naturally go from: bottle,  to sippy cup, to straw cup, to big kid cup. So since my girl skipped the bottle, why not skip the sippy cup?

  • We sorta skipped sippy cups. We use them for when we are riding around or anywhere spills are an issue, but our daughter has been drinking out of a regular cup since she was one. Really, I just got tired of trying to find an easy to clean, leak proof sippy cup. It is much easier to let her drink of out of a small plastic cup with no lid. She does great with it and almost never has a spill. We did the same thing with our son. Plus, it keeps us from having an older child running around with a sippy cup.

  • We went through a ton of different sippy cups and straw cups.  I agree that some of them are very hard to clean.  I think that my favorites are the Take N Toss cups.  They're the plastic ones that are considered "disposable"  They're pretty cheap when compared to the others and much easier to wash.  We use them over and over until they're worn out and then we get new ones.  They actually last for a long time, but the biggest issue we've had with them is when my daughter empties them and leaves them on the floor.  If they get stepped on the become misshaped.  The other thing is to remember NOT to put the straw in the lid all the way when you place the lid on the cup.  If you do the liquid will come up through the straw and leak everywhere.  Other than that we love these cups though.  My daughter is 4 and I still let her use the straw cups.  They have "big kid" styles like Diego and the Princesses and it cuts back on how many spills she has.  And when she wants a regular cup on occassion we can just leave the lid off and it serves that purpose as well.

  • My fave beginner sippy cup are the Playtex.  They are not too hard and not too soft (great for when baby starts growing teeth).  Also, they are very spill-proof. Big Smile

  • I get frustrated by them, but they are a necessary evil I guess. I feel like they don't get as clean as I want them so I end uop buying new ones all the time. The ones with the plastic straw is the same way, because we take it apart to clean it and never match up all the right pieces to the right sippy cups! Just today I bought a new jack-o-lantern one for my daughter. Let's see how long that stays in the mix.

  • The best sippy cup isn't the best for every child. Do a google search for the best sippy cups. You will find a site that does reviews of the most popular sippy cups on the market. This way, you will find the one that suites you, and your child, the best.

  • After 4 children, it seems like there really is no "PERFECT" sippy cup. There are ones without parts which are great, but they leak if the children push down on the flexible sipper part. THere are ones with multiple parts that are difficult to clean but don't leak ever...basically I have decided that while sippy cups are necessary, I probably have to change back and forth depending on the stage my child is in. This means buying multiple sippy cups every several months..

    Maybe I should consider buying stock in the sippy cup market!!!!Smile