• Well my son is about to be four months old and he cries in the car seat all the time. I have been looking and researching convertible car seats because he has grown out of his. Any suggestions? I just want something safe and comfortable so maybe he wont hate the car. Money is not a problem.

  • My favorite are Britax. I have a Marathon and a Decathalon. I don't think they make the Decathalon anymore. My son was also big. He weighed 18lbs at 3 1/2 months. That is when we put him in the Britax. It is so super cushy and has a wide range for weight. You can use it rear-facing and then forward face it until time for a booster seat.

    The downside to this brand is the price. However, it really does last many years.

  • Number one key is safety. But after that - look into comfort. Head support, adjustable straps (between the legs as well as the shoulders), reclinable v. stationary, etc. I would suggest you take him with you and make a game of sitting in several of the display models. Don't do it for too long as that will get tedious fast and make him cranky I'm sure, you can always go to another part of the store and try more of them later. But that should certainly help get and idea for what type he likes the best.

    I would also suggest looking into something other reasons he may be unhappy before buying an expensive new seat. Is he bored (bring a favorite toy or some games/snacks), can he see you well enough from his seat (set up a mirror or adjust his seat), it may even be motion sickness (but you should see a pediatrician to determine something like that).

  • The only thing to worry about is really durability and longevity.  There are a number of transitional carseats but some only go to so big then you have to buy another booster as the laws continue to change.  It's years away yes, but see if the transitional seat turns into a booster.  I have 2 boys 3 and 5 and have 6 car seats.  It was 7 until the airline broke it.  2 carriers 2 high back boosters with straps 1 unassisted booster and 1 infant to toddler carseat.  make sure you read ALL of the specifications before you purchase it can be daunting but with so many choices its got to be done.  Let me know if you need anymore help.