The great Diaper Genie debate

  • With my twins, I just wanted one less thing to worry about esp in the early days when I was recovering from a C-section, had to get up many times at night for feedings and was VERY sleep deprived! So, I bought the Diaper Genie Elite about 3 weeks back.  I was torn between a Champ and a Genie but am happy to have chosen the Genie.  I found it easy to assemble, use and empty out. Yes, it does require its own branded refills but it really locks in the odors and does not stink up the entire room. I try to offset the cost of refills by buying other generic products (eg, Costco diapers) instead of branded expensive stuff.

    I would surely recommend the new diaper genie, esp if you have double duty like me:)



  • Diaper CHAMP all the way!  You can use any bag, which is great for all of those grocery and target bags that end up laying around and I take it either outside or to the bathtub every few weeks and put a squirt of dishsoap in it and rinse.  Ive used mine since my 21 mo old was born and never had a bad odor problem.   Sure you get a whiff of something when you open it up to change the bag but its never made DDs room smell or anything like that, and Ive used it for almost 2 years. 

  • I tried the diaper genie with my now 3 1/2 year old, either I never figured out how to use it or it didn't work very good.  I got a diaper champ and loved it.  I am going to use it for my newborn.  The diaper champ seems easier since you just have to flip the handle and the diaper is down.  I use regular trash bags so I don't have to worry about running out of bags.

  • I have a Diaper Genie II, and I hate to admit it, but I only used it the first few weeks the baby was home, and when it got full, I stopped using it.  I usually change her just where she is - almost never in her room.  I never bought replacement liners.  We usually just throw the diapers away in a regular trash can, since we empty our trash almost daily.  I'm sure it would be great if I actually used it, but that has not really happened.

  • I only used a Diaper Genie at friends houses and church, but it always seemed way too confusing to me!  When it came time to get my own, I chose the Diaper Dekor Plus.  I liked that it was designed for diapers - but can function as a normal trash can after diapers are gone.  I've kept my 17 month old nephew for a week at a time who is on regular food and still didn't have a smell between him and my 5 month old.  I'm too lazy to go outside to dispose of a poopy diaper and this works perfectly!  It's a tube of bags that you just tie a knot in.  When the bag is full, you use the cutting tool on the inside of the door to cut and tie the top of the full bag and the bottom of the new bag.  There is also a lock so that nosey toddlers can't get to the diapers to play with them! Wink  Also, the bags are strong and I've thrown a full bag down the hall without it busting!