Suggestions on buying diapers early

  • My hubby and I are trying to prepare for a little one in November. But we have  a lot of expenses right now with paying for both of our schooling and working full time. Since I wont be working in a few months I was wondering about stocking up early on some baby neccessities such as diapers and wipes. Do they expire or get old? and how about wipes? I am hoping other mommies will have suggestions for me! Thank you so much for your help!

  • Hi.  My husband and I decided to start buying packs of diapers and wipes here and there to cut down the costs of getting everything "all at once".  I suggest that when you go shopping you buy a pack.  Start with the smaller sizes and work up.  We knew our baby was going to be early so we got a pack of newborn diapers.  The next time we went out, we got a pack of size 1.  I suggest doing it this way.  Get a few packs of the sizes that you will need first.  Since babies grow fast, don't buy too many packs at once though.  Just a few will get you by at first and when you see the development of YOUR baby, you will be able to see which size you should slowly stock up on.  Hope that makes sense and helps.  Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!  :)

  • Another suggestion that i really liked from this board is to just put away the money in a savings account, a bit here and there, and then when the time comes you can get exactly what you need! Congrats! Jess
  • Diapers and wipes don't get old. Like the other posts explained, if you are buying early, buy a variety of sizes. Another idea is to check the deals your local retailers are having. Sometimes, you may find a good deal on diapers, especially in bulk. If you start becoming aware as to what's a good deal, you can pounce and save some money in the long run. Good luck with your pregnancy and congratulations!

  • I agree with the other posters. I'd buy a couple of packs of diapers in newborn and the rest in larger sizes. Diapers and wipes never grow old - if you see a good sale, jump on it! :-)