what toys are appropriate for 5 month olds?

  • My son is about to be 5 months. And im a 19 year old first time mom.  I would like to know like what kind of toys are appropriate for my son. 

  • At 5 months old, the best toys for your child are the ones that offer him some visual stimulation, such as mobiles, toy baby mirrors, and busy boxes. In addition, taggy blankets that he can hold and play with are perfect for the car rides, and small teething rings are great for gripping. In addition, babies at this age love to be read to and they love soothing music.

    But in reality, your baby's best toy is YOU. Play with your baby, talk to him, take him for walks in the park and introduce him to the world! This is the best gift you can give him.

  • mommyslittlebaby- I am so impressed that you found your way to the boards and have posted such a great question! Your baby's total job in life is growing and learning, and the tools to help your baby learn are toys. You are right on track in looking to find good toys for your baby that are age appropriate and fun! Cheers to you girl! I think that MommyRN4 has some awesome suggestions for you. Since you are a first time mom, what you might not know, is that as your baby enters that 6th month of life his personality and ability to interact with you and other is going to take off. I LOVE babies at this age as they are turning into their own littles selves! It's an amazing time of growth from a intellectual, cognitive, and personality standpoint. You are entering into a very, very fun age! MommyRN hit on two of the best things for your baby-music and books. Babies need time of quiet rest, and then time spent looking at books with you reading, and listening to music. One singer that does great kids stuff is Kenny Loggins. He sings the "return to pooh's corner", "rainbow connection" and some other great kids songs. One thing that I have done for my best friends little girls is that I made them a CD of nap time music. I went back trying to remember what some of my childhood favorite music was and put some of that on, then some current fun music, and some classical. My BFF says that her girls just love it, and they were both under 2 years old when I made it for them. Reading to your baby is another amazing thing that you can do for your baby. At 5-6 months finding books that have big pictures and any sort of tactile element (Things that he can touch) are really fun. "Pat the Bunny" is a well known book for little ones. "Goodnight Moon" is another favorite. You can even go to a used book store, or a 1/2 price books and look around there. OR even the library! Libraries often have story times for little ones. You'll probably want your baby closer to a year old for this, but the librarian surely could help you find some baby books. In terms of toys things that are brightly colored with big pieces are best. Rings that stack, big blocks, things to shake and hold are all hits at this age. Let us know what you find that he likes the best! -Jess
  • Great advice from the other moms! I just wanted to say that I remember feeling like I should be doing so much more with my son and playing with him more, helping him with toys more, etc. but at 5 months old, they really aren't doing a ton yet in terms of interacting during play time yet. The best thing to do was to have tummy time and spread some interesting toys out around him and talk to him about them. I checked out some books with songs and little games to play with babies and I'd lay my boy on his back and sing to him and tickle him, etc. These are the best things you can do for your baby - along with walks and things to show him new environments. Reading books is always great too - even if they can't understand all the worlds, they love to hear your voice! :-) Congrats on your first - so exciting. :-)

  • mommyslittlebaby- I wanted to check in with you and see how things are going. Have you tried any of the toys that we all talked about and what the baby thinks of them?! We would love an update! -Jess