Things needed for a New Baby

  • I was wondering if anyone can help me with creating a necessity list of things needed for the first new baby.

  • Katfish. When are you due? Are you having a boy or a girl? CONGRATS!!! As far as what you need you might start by making two lists. One of needs, and then one of wants! This might be hard to separate out. On the needs list think of everything that you will need for the first two weeks after birth. Those things might entail: Diapers, wipes, receiving blankets, warm hats for baby, a changing table0-or somewhere to change the baby, a crib if you are going to have him/her sleep[ there, some core outfits. I love the sacks for new borns, the ones that have arms and then the body is in a little sack, so they are easy to change! Then think a bit how baby is going to eat. If he/she is bottle fed you will want to get bottles and formula. You may want some baby shampoo for baby's bath. I think outside of those core things you will want to make a list of wants. Have fun with your shopping! -Jess
  • I am due December 24th.  11 weeks this week.  I don't know the gender but according to all the myth quizzes and conception calendars it is pointing toward a boy.  I will find out in July what I am expecting.    Thanks for the congrats... I have a sample list created... What do you think?



    Baby Care
    Baby care set: Brush, comb, nail clippers, thermometer & medicine dispensers
    First aid supplies
    Teething rings (2 or more)
    Baby nail clippers
    Nasal Aspirator bulb syringe
    Diaper rash cream
    petroleum jelly
    Bathtub or contoured sponge
    Bath toys
    Washcloths (6 to 8)
    Gentle shampoo or body wash
    Baby lotion
    Hooded towels (2 to 4)
    Bedroom & Furniture
    Crib or bassinet
    Mattress pad (2)
    Crib bedding set
    Fitted sheets (2 to 4, cotton and/or flannel)
    Books, Baby CDs & More
    Colorful board books for Baby
    Camera (digital, video, or film)
    Baby book or journal
    Personalized gifts
    Baby CDs with classical, lullaby, or fun music
    If cloth diapers, plastic pants and/or Velcro® covers (6 to 12)
    Diaper bag
    Diaper and accessory organizers
    Rash ointment and powder
    Wipes (at least 2 packs at all times)
    Nursing pillow and nursing stool
    Breastpads, shields, and cream
    Lap pads (4 to 6) and burp cloths (3 to 4)
    Bottles (6 to 8 of various sizes) and nipples
    Bottle sterilizer and organizer
    High chair (not needed until around 4 to 6 months)
    Infant spoons (3 to 4)
    Baby plates and bowls
    Spill-proof cups (1 to 2)
    Rear-facing car seat
    Car seat base for 2nd car
    Safety mirror
    Portable crib or play yard
    Sling or soft carrier
    Bouncer seat
    Jumper or stationary entertainer
    Gym or play mat
    Infant seat
    Multiple-Position Carrier (Buddy System)
    Floppy Seat Shopping Cart Cover
    Layette (for newborn to 6 months)
    Homecoming outfit
    T-shirts or kimonos (3 to 4)
    Shirts and one-pieces (6 to 8)
    Coveralls and outfits (2 to 4)
    Layette sets
    Sweaters (2)
    Sleepwear and gowns
    Receiving blankets (4 to 6)
    Absorbent bibs (4 to 8)
    Booties or socks (3 to 6 pair)
    Hats (2 to 4)
    Snowsuit or bunting and warm hat (for winter)
    Baby Monitor
    Safety gate
    Corner guards & tot locks
    Plush toys
    Crib mirror
    Car seat toys
  • Katfish--

    Are you planning on breastfeeding or bottle feeding? If you are planning to breastfeed, then it is important to have a pump or at least know where you can rent a breast pump. You will need bottles, liners, nipples, a few pacifiers, diapers (one pack of newborn and one pack of size one) and several infant onesie shirts. In addition, it helps to get some burp rags and booties. Once you have those will need a crib or bassinet and possibly a swing or bouncy seat. 

    Of course you will definitely need an infant car seat and stroller. I suggest a travel system. 


    Good luck!

  • Smile Hello Katfish I totally understand your hestiation I myself will finally starting my registry next month but what I found to help me is when I'm checking out the different baby registries. The list of necessary things you should purchase for the baby first years. Hope I was able to help.

  • When should I start the registry? 

    When does a Baby Shower normally happen and who plans the baby shower? 

  • It's never too early to start your registry... you can always edit it later on to add or subtract things. Seeign that you seem to be very organized already, just go to the store(s) where you plan to register and get it going. This may just make you feel like you are making progress and take one worry off of your mind. Good luck!

  • Americans like to consume, consume, consume.  I once heard a comedian who joked about how we have a store where we can buy stuff to hold all our stuff (The Container Store).

    You really just need a safe place for your baby to sleep, a safe way to transport your baby (car seat) and clothes to keep him/her warm.  You'll also want to get items for diapering.  If you get a good carrier and keep your baby close, you may also eliminate the urge to buy a bunch of holding contraptions--strollers, bouncers, swings, excersaucers, car seat covers, mats, play gyms, Bumbo, etc.

    Sometimes it's fun to buy things.  However, we often find that those items are unused or under-used before they end up cluttering our homes or in a landfill. That money can go to some kind of savings fund instead.

  • I'm with APMomma - I found that I really didn't need a lot of the things that my friends got for their babies. I think the basics I got were: crib, stroller, car seat, dresser/changing table, diapering stuff, pump/bottles for when I work, some clothes, a Boppy to breastfeed with, an exersaucer and play mat (at a thrift store for cheap), and a good sling. Of course, people gave me some great toys, books, etc. and I registered for some "fun things" just because but overall, you can really do quite well without the massive list of suggested items from baby stores. It's really up to you what you do but I often think that asking for gift cards would have been a great way to go and just buy what we needed as we went. Second hand/thrift stores are fabulous places to shop for extra items like travel cribs, etc. You can save a ton of money that way.

  • You are so organized! The one thing that I would suggest is a thermometer. You will want to watch your babys temperature very carefully for the first 90 days of life as he/she will have very fragile immune system/ You will learn more about this from your doctor, but wanted to suggest this medical item. Good work on the list! -Jess
  • First off, congratulations.  I remember the feeling of getting the house prepared for our first child (just born this past February).  You won't really need rattles or teething rings until later on (3-4 months or so).  

    As for the carseat, we have a chicco and we're able to strap in the carseat into another car without a second base, so that has saved us some $$ since all the baby gear can add up.  

    As for diapers, we've looked at a few different kinds and we settled with Pampers sensitive because they have a wet indicator up until size 4.  Huggies has one too, but it's only on their newborn size that goes up to 8-10lbs.  Being first time parents, we didn't know how else to tell if she was wet or not unless we smelled her diaper and that just wasn't settling too well with the hubby.  

    For breastfeeding, you won't need shields necessarily, and coming from someone that HAS to use them...I wish I hadn't started using it from the get-go because now my daughter won't feed without it.  According to Kellymom and La Leche League, using a shield could damage your supply.  I was given one by the lactation consultant at the hospital, so I took/used it without question and now I have to supplement my feedings with formula because my supply is low.  I'm not sure if the shield was the cause, but I wish I hadn't been too quick to use it. 

    Some items that helped get our baby to sleep in her first few months: Swaddleme blankets (you don't have to worry about swaddling yourself at midnight and 3 am when you're super tired..just wrap one flap over and you're done) and Cloud B sleep sheep (includes mother's heart beat noise).  

    Oh, look into Amazon Mom.  You could get diapers mailed directly to your front doorstep without having to pay shipping.  There is also an added bonus if you use their auto-refill option where they automatically send you another shipment of diapers in 2 weeks or 3 weeks (whenever you tell them to).  I think in total it's close to 30% savings from buying diapers at the store.  That's all I can think of off the top of my head.  Ultimately, all babies are different so what works for one...another one may not like.  Listen to your gut and your baby will tell you what they need Big Smile Good luck!

  • dont buy anything until after your shower. people will get stuff you didnt even ask for. welcome to the explosion of baby stuff plus your due around christmas but your list is good.

  • See... I really don't have any true friends to throw a Baby Shower... So it all is going to be based on my registry and our of our own pocket...


    When did you all start your registries?

  • Hmm we started our registry after we found out our baby was a boy. That way I knew what color/theme of things I wanted to register for. You certainly can start with the generic things at any time like a baby monitor, diapers, etc. :-)
  • Katfish--

    Congratulations! You have quite the list already, which is great. I'm probably not the first to say that the nasal aspirator from the hospital is the best, and none of the store-bought ones can compete. I ended up asking the nurse for an additional one to take home (one for the diaper bag)...therefore, I wouldn't register for any. The one thing that was really great for my daughter (born 12/29/10) was the JJ Cole BundleMe. It is so thick and kept her so warm, and when she was a newborn, I would just cover her up with it and she'd be wearing nothing but a onesie and she's be super toasty. If you're in a cold part of the country, I'd really recommend it.

    We registered at 24 weeks--we finally had the ultrasound for gender and registered at Babies r Us. With their return policy being "anything that is on your registry you can return without a receipt," I would put things on my registry that we had too much of for the specific purpose of returning it. We WAY over-registered for blankets, and returned every last one of them because we received so many homemade ones. With a due date of 12/24, expect a ton of blankets.

    Your list looks great. My shower host included in the invite the opportunity to be registered in a door prize if people brought a packet of Pampers, size 1 or larger. STILL using them, and didn't start buying diapers until month 4.

    I hope this was helpful--good luck!