On the topic of nose suckers, the hospital ones are the best. I have had several parents who brought in battery powered suckers and they actually worked pretty well. The key, though, no matter what you are suctioning with if you do it without saline you won't get much. I advice parents to put several drops of saline (purchase at the pharmacy, just ask the pharm. on duty to help you select a bottle. Then bundle baby up really well (get those arms tucked in! If you have someone help you it will be best. Have dad (or assigned helper) hold baby in bundle and steady her/his head. Put several drops of saline in each nare. Count to ten (and baby will cry), and then use the sucker! You will be amazed at the quantity of snot that you will get out with the aide of the saline. Being able to suck out babys nose is one of the best skills that you can have. Baby's are obligate nose breathers and so if his/her nose is stuffed up (from cold or other trigger) he/she will not be able to breast feed or drink from a bottle well enough to keep hydrated. Let us know what you try and how it works! Good luck, Jess