Your Baby Can Read

  • I was wondering if anyone has tried this product called your baby can read. I am considering getting it but I want to see if any other parent has tried it out. I am also considering using some of the home school ideas? any ideas would help. I know I am starting early as my daughter is only 81/2 months but she already says some words and copies and mimics what I do I am trying to take advantage of that well it still works for her as she is a sponge ready to get filled with ideas and concepts. She can say mama, dada, nana, tata, shake her head for no, gives high fives, and Hey. She will sign food for when she is hungry.

  • The way I look at it, if you can afford to pay the money for it, it can't hurt! Good luck and let me know if you make progress.

  • I've seen that product and wondered about it myself. I don't know of any friends who have used it with their kids. If you try it, I'd be interested to find out if it works for you. 

  • I am going to try to see if the Library has it before I commit to a product I am not able to find that anyone has really used.

  • I think it is great that you are so proactive! I am amazed when I see these babies signing! It opens up a whole new world to an infant! Let us know what you think of that book if you find it. Keep us posted! -Jess
  • Yes.  I have lots of friends who sign with their babies. We did it with our daughter, too.  They pick it up very quickly.

    Your Baby Can Read isn't sign language.  It's a pricy set of DVDs to teach children to read.  They claim that 8 month olds learn to read with it.


  • The best way for baby's and toddlers to learn is by doing what babies and toddlers naturally do--observe, mimic, explore their environment, do trial and error.  The best thing for parents to do  is what humans have done for generations--talking to the baby, singing to the baby, playing games, giving one-on-one time, making eye contact, providing a safe place for the baby to explore, reading to the baby.

    Learning/memorizing "site words" does not mean that the child has learned phonics.  It does not mean that the child will do better at phonics or reading comprehension at a later age, either.

    If you really want to "teach" your baby to read you can always do inexpensive, homemade note cards with words on them.