Baby Monitors

  • There are so many baby monitors on the market right now. You can get a simple base and receiver model, a pad that alerts you if your baby has possibly stopped breathing, and even a video monitor. My babies were up every couple of hours for most of the first year, so not being able to see them wasn’t a huge deal for me. I opted for the cheapest of the cheap at Wal-Mart. After four years it is still going strong. What type or brand do you prefer?

  • We have such a tiny house so I didn't even want to invest in a monitor this time.  My fiance was quite interested in the kind with the video screen.  I guess his grandma is going to buy us a set of monitors and I told them I really don't have a preference.  I don't see why the cheap kind wouldn't work as well as the expensive ones.  And if a parent wants to see their baby why can't they just walk in the room and check them?  I think that some things are getting TOO convenient.

  • We've been happy with the Fisher Price Sounds and Lights monitor. It's not too pricey and works great for a 2 level home, even when we are outside by the fire pit!
  • We bought a very basic monitor and just recently started to use it.  Parker is 5 months old now.  My house is small enough that we really don't need one, but now that it's summer and we're spending more time outside, I'm using it more.  This way Parker can nap and I can get some yard work done.  I also invested in the senor pad that alerts you when you're child stops breathing.  I highly recommend it for nervous mothers.  It gives you a little peice of mind so you don't have to hover over your baby while he sleeps.