Outdoor Swing

  • As a kid, I lived for playing in the backyard and our family constantly was using a swing that we attached to a tree. Now that I am a parent and my girls are playing outdoors, we want to attach a swing to our backyard tree, but we are finding that there are many choices that run the gamut of price points. Has any parent put up a swing in their backyard and if so, what brand/model did you choose?

  • We (living in the south) have an old tire that has been cut just right into the shape of a horse, I guess like tire oragami (not sure if I spelled that right). The kids love it, looks cute in the yard, and wasn't too pricey! Hope this helps!

  • Tire swings are always fun! I love those. Something fun that a friend of mine has is a hammock swing. It's shaped like a chair and her kids sit and read in it - something kind of different to think about!

  • Both really cool ideas... we are going to try the tire route, as my cousin is a mechanic and we have plenty to choose from. Thanks for the advice!