Sport Utility Stroller

  • With three young daughters, exercise has been tougher and tougher to come by. Lately, I have been into hiking with the entire family. I have always liked to do off-road hiking, but our current stroller doesn't function well or safely enough for rugged terrain. Does anybody recommend a sport utility stroller that can safely fill my off-road needs?

  • I haven't really hiked with a stroller - we put our kids into backpacks on our back. REI has some great ones. I bet they might know what kind of stroller would work though. You could always call them! I'm envisioning something LIGHT so that it's not a total feat to get it up a hill!

  • Thanks Julie... I will look into REI (which also happens to be the initials of one of my daughters so I am biased to that anyway)! They have gotten too big for our backs, so that isn't an option for us now, but they aren't ready to hike along with us on foot either. Great advice!

  • AnswerDad-

    What a wonderful fall activity!  I hope that you will share with the group what you find on your shopping trip, I'm guessing that there are more that would be interested in what you find!


  • Still looking Jess... the REI stroller looks like the best one, although none of them are cheap! I feel guilty worrying about cost when it comes to the safety of my kids, but financial reality is what it is! I will keep you apprised and let you know when we FINALLY come to a decision.