• Hello everyone... Im 22 years old and currently 5 months pregnant with my first child and I was wondering If anyone had good advice on a Crib?? I plan to spend about 250 on it but there's so many out there and its confusing :D 

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    I bought a set from walmart that had a crib and dresser/changing table for about $250 and it was easy to put together and both pieces are holding up good.  I think any crib is good as long as it doesnt have the drop side though.























  • Ill look that up thanks :)

  • I found a wonderful crib by Gracco! Its the "Lauren" style in espresso at Walmart for only $175 and it comes with a mattress!! The deal is amazing and the crib looks way more expensive. Only took my husband and I an hour to put together and our baby girl Emmy loves it!! Good luck to you! So many amazing things to come :)

  • The big thing with cribs is to make sure it does not have a drop down side - those are not safe for baby. The other thing to consider is that most bedding comes with bumpers but the bumpers are a big risk for babies with rolling into them and restricting their breathing. Make sure you leave the bumper out of the crib. Most cribs that are sold in stores meet safety standards, so just look for one that fits your style, budget, and has good reviews from people who bought it online. Congrats!

  • thank you for the advice :) Ill def take the safety haZards into account when crib shopping thank u... I looked in walmart and they do seem to have a great variety of cribs :)

  • I bought a set @ Target, it's a good quality for $250 you have crib dresser and changing table. It's Graco La Jobi