Tommy Tippe

  • They should have more replacement parts for their products! Anyone else agree?

  • I haven't used Tommy Tippe but people seem to love the brand. Tell me about what your frustration is! I'd love to be able to be up to date on what products are out there.

  • I wouldn't know..  I use Doc Brown and Similac bottles... I have noticed that when i lose a part or something is showing wear i have to buy a whole new bottle though. the worst is accidently losing the long scrubber that comes with the doc brown bottle. I almost switched from them simply because i have to buy a new bottle just to replace the scrubber if it's worn.

  • I have always used Playtex Nursers which don't really have a lot of parts. What parts are the problem on Tommy Tippes?? I haven't used those before. 

  • I am going to try the tomme tippees w/ this pregnancy. I want a bottle w/ minimal parts. Did you try writing them directly? I did when I was using the playtex vent aire bottles and they sent me the seals for the bottom directly. 

  • im another mom who hasn't given those a try , i love the born free bottles ive been using those for my two kids and i will be using that one for my third child coming in the fall. 

  • I love my tommee tippee bottles my daughter loves them as well and they make different flow nipples for the bottles. I also have the pacifiers the only thing I have to complain about the pacifiers is that the piece is huge and covers their nose but now that she is almost 3 months the new born pacifier fits perfect she was just to tiny for it. But I love their bottles easy to clean and use.