• i think similac should make a pacifier shaped like nipple on the end of the bottle they make like other companies use the ortho nipple but the part that holds the nipple should not be round like the ones in the hospital  that would be so great and they should also give new mothers at least one free new bottle so they can try and see if her baby is going to like the bottle before they go buying them and then there baby dont like the bottle and there goes alot of wasted money and if there baby does like it they are going to be more willing to spend the extra money and buy alot more bottles and they can also do the same thing with pacifiers if they decide to make one and i think the bottles should come in boy and girls colors instead of just having blue and white only i know it sounds a lil crazy but i do no people who will only use bottles that come in the different colors for the different gender colors and they pass up the better bottles and compare them to the prettiness even if there baby really likes the similac bottles and or pacifiers well thanks for listening                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            thank you                                                                                                                                                                                                stay at home mom     kristy gomez


  • Great idea Kristy!  You never know who might be listening! :)


  • I can agree with you. Hazel likes the soothie type passies that they give you at the hospital, but she has a lot of trouble keeping them in her mouth and the top looks uncomfortable. there should definitely be some shape so it can mold to the babys mouth more. As far as the bottles are concerned i think it's an excellent marketing idea. If you think about it when you sign up they give you several free samples of formula which costs them more than a free bottle. Not only would it save them money in giving gifts (which should be a business write off anyway) they would be enticing new parents to try their line of bottles. In my opinion they are good bottles and if more people could try them out then i'm sure more people would be purchasing them.... I'm sure someone in the marketing area has heard you, because i have had several emails asking me to call and discuss their product just from my posts. They do get screened by a real person who knows who to pass the info to. I hope they do it. Not just for the moms and dads out there that need a little enticing but for their wonderful brand so that it can continue to flourish. 

  • I agree with you i have a four month old i breast feed and am now trying to switch over to formula so finding a bottle he likes has become a challenge and very expensive the same with the pacifiers he just does not like the others because it is not like the breast.

  • I hope you find something that works for you without too much more hassle. Let us know what finally does the trick - I'm always curious as to what works for people. Hang in there.