Baby Monitors

  • I have a standard baby monitor that I used with my son - nothing fancy but it works just fine. Some of my friends tell me that a baby video monitor is amazing and that I'd love it if I splurged on it. Do you guys have experience with one? Do you think you'd really miss it if you didn't have the video aspect? I would love to hear your input! -- Julie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • To each their own...but I feel this is bit OCD. I will tell you what we splurged on. Angel Care (brand name) SIDS monitor. Along with the monitor pad that goes under the crib sheet; it doubles as a baby monitor with sound like a regular monitor would. 


    Babies R Us has some super deluxe setups that run in the $200's but we found just a standard setup at Wal*Mart for $48. We live in a 800 sq ft apartment so we didn't need multiple receivers or extended range monitors. Inexpensive peace of mind! Big Smile