cloth diapers econobum/ bum genius

  • I have 2 children who are 6 and 7 and i used disposable diapers with both of them, so now I'm pregnant again and I'm going to use cloth diapers if anyone has ever used the bum genius or econobum diapers and could tell me the pros and cons or their personal  experience while using them i would greatly appreciate it thanks 

  • I suggest you watch some reviews on You Tube. This is my first baby and plan on cloth diapering as well. We're due May 9th. I ordered 2 econobums covers and 2 flip genius from cottonbabies (free shipping). They arrived 4 days after ordering. I also ordered some all in ones from alva baby but I don't plan on receiving them for a month. I wanted to order kawaii but they are out of stock til the middle of this month. I plan on buying infant prefolds from cottonbabies as well but still undecided where I may get the best price for flats. Gerber from walmart has the best price but have negative reviews due to lack of softness.

  • There are plenty reviews on You Tube.

  • Most cloth diapers are pretty good now, but you have to determine how much you are willing to invest up front. There are several websites that discuss using cloth diapers and how many you need to start. I only bought 5 of them to start with and use them as a back up plan when I run out of disposables. I never could get on board with washing so many...but I do have  a lot of children. I think it would be great if I had started off initially with just one child. Good luck !

  • I'm not sure where you live but in California (i think) there is a cloth diaper company who picks up the used cloth diapers (for washing and sanitizing) then redistributes them on a weekly basis. They were on i think dirty jobs at one point and that's how i heard about them. It seemed like a really cool concept, but i'm not sure how i would feel about using cloth diapers that was once in someone elses house and on someone elses baby, but that's just me. Anyway i just thought i would throw that out there in case you would be interested in seeing if there is a program like that in your area.

  • We are expecting twins, and know our only logical financial option is cloth diapering. I have decided to go with alva babies. Though I would LOVE to be able to plop down $15 for 1 diaper, I know we can not afford to do that. It is your decision in the end, so go with what you know you can afford. If you are able to go more expense, there is the positive that in a few years, you can resell those name brand diapers, and recoup some of your investment. But definately do some research on the brands that you narrow it down to.