Swim diapers

  • Summer is upon us and I have enrolled Hazel in the local puddle jumpers club (baby swim classes). So i was wondering if any of you have tried the little swimmers diapers and how you like them. Is it worth the money to buy special swim diapers? I know that regular diapers engorge with the water so they must be useless at that point. I just don't know how the swim diapers react to the water and work in comparison.

  • Iv used little swimmers and like them

  • Swimmers work pretty well and don't get overly swollen with water, etc. However, most pools will not let your child into the pool with a regular diaper. You often must have a swim diaper on now...I'd give them a call and find out. 

  • ok

  • So went swimming with my sister yesterday at her hotel (she's working in my area right now) and long story short... Put the Swim diapers on right before swimming. They do not hold liquid!!!! and newsflash to the baby swimsuit makers out there... Start putting snaps in the crotch for diaper changes!!!! You think this would be an obvious thing to do since it's difficult to take a wet swimsuit off an adult let alone a squirmy little girl and then get it back on without a good fight. Looks like i know what my next project will be Wink

  • I don't know if you use cloth diapers, but often times if you take the insert out you can use the just the liner part as a swim diaper: this is really cost effective!

    The liners are designed to allow pee to soak through to the insert and help to keep baby stay dry. Also if you ever go to an indoor pool in the fall/winter you don't have to worry about running out of swim diapers! I have a friend who joined the Y and takes her 2 year old all the time. She realized that they don't sell swim diapers in November!  I loaned her a cloth diaper liner and she didn't have to worry again.

  • I do not use cloth diapers, but awesome idea!!!! 

  • That is a good idea. Worth buying a couple coth diapers for.  Idea