baby buddy formula dispenser

  • Has anyone ever used the baby buddy electronic formula dispenser?  I saw it at walmart and thought it was a great idea and would probably be very helpful in bottle making.  I dont want to rush out and buy something that is not worth the money though.  I have read the reviews and they have been pretty mixed.  Has anyone on here ever used one or knows anything about them?

  • I haven't heard of this product - hopefully somebody out there will know something about it! What all does it exactly do? I'm curious! 

  • From what I read, its a formula dispenser, you fill it with formula, put bottle under it and press the button to the number of ounces you want and it automatically dispenses that amount of formula into the bottle with one touch.  I guess the best way to try to explain it is that it is kinda like a kuerig.  lol.  It looked pretty cool. 

  • That sounds pretty cool, but i wonder how it works with different brands of formula. I'm not sure of the formulation of the different powders, but it seems that even if the scoop amount is the same between brands (1 scoop per 2 oz of water); if the scoop size is different you could get the wrong ratio of formula to water. I have only used Similac formula for my daughter so i haven't seen the other scoop sizes, but for me that would be a concern.

  • Aah, that's a pretty cool idea! Well, maybe you can test it out and if it doesn't perform the way you'd like it to, you can return it before the expiration date on the receipt.