not sure what all i need

  • hi all! this is my first baby, a girl. i have a stepson that is 13 and we weren't planning on having anymore. my husband got rid of everything he had for him so now we get to start over with this one. as of now we have a crib, bouncy seat, swing, and walker. i am trying to fill out my registry but am completely lost as to what all i need or should ask for. i ask my husband for advice but he really is no help with telling me what we will need. he says i shouldn't ask for bottles, pacifiers, nipples, those kind of things because every baby is different in what they will be willing to use. but we really were not prepared financially to have a second child. so i am trying to use my shower to get what we cant afford and anything else we may need. i just dont know what to ask for. any help would be appreciated! thanks!


  • There are several pages already on this topic spread throughout the forum... Check out this page as i and several other moms have already posed some lists of things you will need and some stuff that you just think you need but really don't. everyone has an opinion so as always do what you feel is best.





    I hope some of these pages help you along with weeding out what you really need and what you don't. I think it may be mentioned in there some where, but don't fall into the bedding trap that stores like babies r us push you into. You will not use that bedding they charge you $100 for. It is all decorative only and dangerous for the baby if you use it... so why buy it!!! A crib, swing, high chair at some point, clothing, feeding supplies (bottles, bottle brush, formula container,  ect...), pacifiers, blankets, swaddling blankets,... New babies need very little for the first few months so you don't need everything "RIGHT NOW"!! get the important things that you will absolutely need first then if you have extra money right now go ahead and stock up on other stuff. You're going to be fine... Oh and another thing is you can do a diaper raffle for you baby shower and stock up on diapers that way. get something decent to raffle off (not worth more than $20 because most people will only bring a small $10 pack of diapers) and whoever brings diapers gets entered into the raffle for the prize. the great thing about that is diapers can be exchanged (even without a receipt) for another size or brand.

  • First of all, congratulations! I know having a child unexpectedly is a shock, but it will be the best surprise of your life!Two items that would be good for your shower is a car seat and a pack & play... car seat is one of those items that some friends can combine to purchase because it is something on which you should not let price be more important than getting the best possible seat.

  • thanks. i think i have most of the big stuff on there already. the high chair, stroller/ car seat combo, pack and play. the smaller less obvious stuff is what i really need suggestions for.  i have learned that its better to ask people who have had kids recently what they suggest, since they have the most recent experience. and lets face it the same stuff my mother in law used wont nesecarily  work out now. i have had soo many people tell me not to bother with a wipe warmer or diaper genie. it is just so confusing what i will and wont use that i would like to hear from people that have recently done this. i'm not having a big shower so what i put on my list has to count. lol thanks for the help

  • Congrats!! I'd echo AnswereDad and say carseat for sure. Perhaps a stroller would be really helpful too. I think most babies will take a basic type of bottle so I think you could go ahead and ask for bottles, nipples, bibs, diapers and wipes, maybe a baby bath tub, diaper bag, high chair, etc. Just remember that consignment stores for kids often have hand me down baby equipment and clothes for a fraction of the price. Whatever you don't get from your showers, check out those stores before you buy stuff brand new!

  • The one thing I might add is that although unexciting, diapers are expensive and necessary.  You could ask for a variety of sizes and that is a gift that could keep on giving as your baby grows.


  • Definitely diapers......but at this time of year there's something that's small and sometimes overlooked... Socks!  With the weather changing and your home temperatures rising and falling quickly those poor little feet will need something to keep them warm. Of course you will need the traditional big items.. .but don't forget the little ones that help baby with comfort. Wink

  • I'd echo the advice you got and skip the wipe warmer and Diaper Genie. The wipe warmer doesn't always do the trick anyway and often gets tossed aside pretty quickly. The Diaper Genie is a nice idea but you have to keep buying refills for it and you can just get a small trash can with a lid and empty the trash fairly frequently - same thing and much cheaper. I got a Genie for my baby shower and used it with my first but was happy to ditch it with my second and just use a trash can. Good luck! 

  •  I am a first time mom also and I have no idea what to register for! Confused I need help!!!! So please HELP!!!!Confused

  • Congratulations :)  I would def skip the wipe warmer. Personally I like the diaper genie. No smells and when it is full, it is easy to transport to the trash outside.

  • Congrats!! The registry list is tough. So many things you supposedly "NEED" but in all reality you might not use much. I think the biggies are some of the following:

    Crib and crib sheets

    car seat

    diapers wipes


    breast pump if you plan to breast feed (call insurance to see what they cover!)

    Diaper bag

    clothes and hats

    baby tub

    burp clothes

    a few blankets

    Things that are nice but not totally needed (at least immediately): 


    High chair

    Pack and play

    I really liked just getting gift cards too because then I could pool it for the big things we needed! Good luck!!