play time

  • Good Morning! My baby turn 3 months old. I want to buy bounser for her because she doesn't to lie down and play. This bounser hold her stand up and have toys. Some people tell me that it is good for her because it helps her to stand up. Do you think it is the good idea? My concern is her leg. It can cause her leg not straigh up? I don't know. This is my first child. I need some opinion. Please give me some ideas. 

  • Are you talking about one of those exersaucers or jumpy seats? If so, then she is still too little for those. Once she is sitting up a bit better (5-6 months) is the perfect time to put her in the exersaucer. Jumpy seats are better once they are a bit older maybe 7-8 months. For now, the swing is a good choice.


  • An exersaucer or bouncer is absolutely wonderful for your baby in a couple of months. RIght now, as MommyRN4 said, the swing is a better bet for you. She can at least sit up and see the world from the swing. As soon as she can hold herself up in a sitting position and keep her head steady, a Bumbo is fun for sitting up and being able to see what's going on. Check those out!