Bumbo Baby Seats

  • I saw the Bumbo Baby Seats at babies r us and I think it seems like a good little seat, however I did not buy one because I don't know of anyone who has one. I wanted to get feedback from moms and dads who have already used them to see what they thought and if it is worth buying or not. I would hate to waste the money if its a crappy product!!

  • Lots and lots of parents use these seats. It is very important that you always use them in the floor and with a safety belt though. The originals were recalled because of multiple injuries from babies falling out... mostly because of parents not paying attention to their babies. I have heard a lot of really great comments about the jumbo seat, but I still didn't buy one. I live by the philosophy that babies have survived and learned to sit on their own with out one for millions of years... and that's exactly how my daughter learned as well. Anyhow I have heard its a great seat if you want one.

  • I found that they are kind of fun - used to sit my son in them and he could watch me do the dishes, cook, etc. and was happy that he could see all around him. That being said - you only use it for a pretty short period of time. It's only a matter of a month or two before they can twist and squirm and try to get out of the seat and then it's pretty pointless. Maybe you could borrow one from somebody? I like to ask around on Facebook for those things - some of my mommy friends swap exersaucers and Bumbos and things like that that are only used for a short time and then we give them back! 

  • I also have a bumbo seat.  Its the best plus its great with helping the babies learn to sit up.  They also come with a tray so if your baby is sitting in it on the floor they can have a snack on the tray. 

  • SarJohn - those trays are awesome! When my little one was learning to grab toys - I could put toys on there and he was able to play with them without dropping them as much. :-) 

  • I havent found the Bumbo seat to be effective for my 4 1/2 month old. She figured out how to arch her back to get out of them at 3 months old. I also dont think they are worth the investment as you will only likely use it for 2-3 months. It did work wonders for my nephew, now 1 year old. He used it for 3 months and loved every moment of it. I recommend borrowing a friends or relatives first to try it out with your baby. You can also find them cheaper at second hand stores or online. Good luck!

  • jrmac - Couldn't agree more. My little ones always figured out how to arch their backs and flip out pretty quick. For this very reason, I think, I always see a ton of them at consignment stores. You could pick them up pretty cheaply secondhand and they wipe down very easily!