hygeia pumps vs. medela pumps

  • My insurance covers a breast pump, and when I called to order mine they asked if I wanted Ameda, Hygeia or Medela. I know I don't want Ameda, but I can't really decide between the Hygeia or Medela, I haven't found anyone who has actually used a Hygeia pump and the reviews i am finding online aren't much help. Has anyone used a Hygeia or know of anyone who used a Hygeia? I am just trying to decide which I think will be better, I know Medela is very popular.



  • I don't have any experience with Hygeia. Sorry, wish I could help. I can say that Medela is popular for a reason - they are quality pumps that last long and work well and customer service is usually pretty good. Good luck to you! 

  • gcedano - what kind of pump did you decide on? I'm curious to know! :-) 

  • I ended up with the hygeia and I love it. Its a great pump its not very big and it is very easy to use, I haven't had a problem with it yet! It also comes with a free one year subscription to La leche league.. (I believe that's what it is called)

  • Oh, wow. Neat subscription offer! Have you gone to a La Leche League meeting? I hear that they can be really helpful and supportive. 

    Good to hear about the Hygeia - now I can tell others about it if anyone asks me! How old is your kiddo now? :-) 

  • I also use the Medela.  Works great good quality and they last forever!

  • She is going to be one month old on November 1st!

  • Can you believe it?? I was always just AMAZED at how fast time flies when you have kids. It's ridiculous! 

  • It really is! I feel like she was just born yesterday! Time is flying! She is already rolling over and baby babbling to me ! And she is constantly smiling

  • Wow, she is a strong little girl! Rolling over - amazing. :-) I just love those smiles...nothing melts your heart so quickly. I look back at those pictures of my 4 year old when he was a baby and just treasure them.