Breast Pumps

  • There are a lot of different breast pumps out there for sale – could you share your experience with any particular pumps and whether or not you’d buy it again?--Julie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • I like Medella...they have a good pump. Really a lot of them are good now as long as they are powered by electricity. The hand pump or manual pump was hard for me to use. 

  • I have a hygeia that I am renting from WIC. I love it! I love the fact it came with an electric outlet plug and a car charger, I can pump anywhere! Plus it has an area for me to have my baby's voice recorded and a place for me to attach a picture.

  • Wow - I love the voice recording aspect! How neat!! I have a friend who pumps on her way home from work in the car to save time. She throws a nursing blanket over herself. I'm not sure I'd recommend that from a safety standpoint but it makes me laugh every time she talks about it!