Messier Eater at Restaurants – Help!

  • I recently went to a restaurant to eat and was totally embarrassed when I left because my little boy’s food was dropped all over and made a huge mess. Does anyone know of any products or gear that helps to minimize all the food mess when you are out? ~Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I went to a pizza hutt a while back with my daughter and the waitress told me that when she goes out with her small children she will bring one of her older shirts and put it on the children for dinner time. This helps to keep their clothes clean and catch a lot of the dropped food. I haven't tried it but i'm sure if you were to bring a bag clip (the kind you use to close potato chip bags) then you could clip the bottom of the shirt to the front rail of the high chair to create a bucket... other than that we just keep a close eye on our daughter to make sure she isn't too messy. 

  • Unfortunately, there's not much you can do for a toddler or young baby that drops food intentionally. A few bibs have pockets that catch food that falls, but if your child is dropping pieces of chicken on purpose, there's not a whole lot you can do except leave a bigger tip! LOL! I try to only give them a few pieces at a time...that way they are less likely to drop their food and its more likely to end up in their mouths. 


  • I kind of like the old shirt idea! I might have to try it! However, a bigger tip for that waitress is definitely in order! I left a note on the receipt of the last place we were at and thanked the waitress for dealing with our mess! Hopefully she knows we appreciated her. :-) 

  • I'm sure she did. It is a short phase though and one that THANKFULLY doesn't last too long!! LOL!