Toys: How many is just right?

  • Toys, toys, toys, how many toys can one child have? It seems no matter what store we go to or trip we take my daughter always finds a new toy to add to her collection. Birthdays, holidays, friends, and family all add to her collection as well. Though we try to focus on toys that offer an educational value as well as entertainment it can be hard to find space for new ones. By now she has so many I’m wondering if they actually make any more that she doesn’t have. We’ve even begun throwing or giving away some – mostly broken, or those she doesn’t play with any more - to make room for the new. How do you and your significant others feel about the toys your child has or wants?

  • Completely right, there's always some cute thing they have to have or honestly you get them just to satisfy them at the moment but there really isn't any set limit, quite frankly even if you make one no one will abide by it, but you're on the right track.  We live in a 2 bed apartment and when my son turned 5 I had friends that brought huge RC cars!  His birthday is in may we have no place to use it and he already has about 7 remote cars!  I regifted it for this past christmas for one of the cousins that are his age.  If you have friends with kids its always an idea to regift....just remember who the gift came from so you don't give it back to them.

  • I totally agree with you.  My son is 3 1/2 and has so many toys I'm going crazy.  I have kept them all because we planned on having more children and why buy the same toys, I am actually due in 10 days. 

    I try to go through the toys in his room and take out the ones that he doesn't play with.  Luckly we have an upstairs that we use as storage right now and have the room to store all the toys.  Problem is when I'm upstairs and using my office he finds the toys and gets them all out.  So we have two play areas in our house, his room and the living room and then the upstairs.  Right now not too much of a problem because we don't use the upstairs but will become a problem because eventually we will move him and his brother(the newborn) upstairs.  We will have to do some remodeling and things might get thrown out or given away at that time. 

    Good luck getting through all the toys.  I agree with FarrelClanMom, if I can keep my son from opening toys I try to regift them.  He doesn't realize that I have put the toys back since he gets so many for birthdays and Christmas and just during the year from my family.  I have about 60 people that are invited to every family function, we have a large extended family that is involved in my life.  Sometimes after a birthday or Christmas I take the toys back to the store and either get credit or cash(to put into his savings). 

  • alsblum, congratulations! Is it a boy or girl?

    We also set up play areas in the house, though my daughter usually moves the toys with her into whichever room we are in at the moment. And we have saved lots of them for future children in our storage closet (as well as clothes), we actually need to go through her toy bin again soon and toss the broken ones.

    Glad to see we're not the only ones who like to make the most out of our child's toys  Wink