Product Recalls

  • I subscribe to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s listserv for recalls related to child products. Over the years, I’ve noticed that many of the products that have been the subject of my daily alerts have only been out on the market for a short period of time or are newer versions of something tried and true.

    As a result, I usually wait and see if there have been any reported issues with a new product before purchasing it for my kids – especially when it comes to items like car seats and strollers, where safety is my main concern. What do you look for in new products before deciding they are safe enough for your children?

  • It depends on the item, but generally I like to test it myself. For instance the crib we bought I jumped in it (I'm not a tiny guy mind you) and rattled it around once it was set up to make sure it was truely solid enough for anything a baby could throw at it. For our stroller I looked at how well it could handle me - could it take the punishment I was going to give it pushing my child over ground, sidewalks, curbs, folding it into and out of trunks, etc. And of course we do a lot of internet research about the items before hand and if we know anyone with something we are thinking about getting we'll usually ask for an opinion about it too.

  • Honsetly, I stick with product brands that have also been around for awhile as well.  There are plenty of recall websites like Also don't always listen to the store associate because they'll try to push products on you because thats their job ( I know I was in retail ), Point is however, if you aren't comfortable buying it and have worries about it, don't get it!  I find I'm always throwing out toys because they just don't hold up like they used to.