Dressing your kids

  • It seems my daughter has quite the fashion sense. Already she has more clothing than she can wear. From gifts we received before her birth, more after, birthdays, sales, holidays and just because she has a closet full of clothing and a storage box to spare. We have put away the old ones she used for the next one (and if it’s a boy, well I’m sure there will be more gifts of clothing). Whether it’s clothing for the proper season, fashion, or because your child has outgrow the old ones, getting new clothing happens often during the first years. Where do you stand on new clothing for your child?

  • Cherie is very big for her age she will be 6 months next weekend and is already in 9 month clothes have gone through clothes very fast, we got a lot of clothes at our shower but we got nothing 9 months or over it was all little and a lot of it was for the wrong season she has lots of sun dresses that fit in the middle of winter, she got to whear them all once when we went to hawaii a few months back. i am always bying clothes that are too big whenever i find them on sale. i have kept moast of her old clothes we know 3 other people that are pregnate so we give some to them she is

  • I just recently donated about 5 garbage bags of clothes to good will, most of which were baby clothes. Jordan doesn't grow out of clothes very often because she's such a peanut. At the same time I was cleaning out all of the baby clothes, I found some old clothes that my older daughter used to wear that I think would be so cute on Jordan when she gets big enough. I love shopping for new clothes for my kids in general, but am not averse to hand-me-downs if they're in good condition and look cute.

    My older daughter will be 10 in March and I always have issues buying new clothes for her. So much of it out there for her size (she's tall and round for her age) is not really appropriate. It's mostly too sexy or too old for a 10-year-old in my opinion. Then there are all the clothes that are cut to be tight or stretch, which are really not flattering on a body that still has some baby fat and is on the way to puberty. Finding the right fit for her is an issue, so I shop at the one or two stores where I know I'll find pretty, yet flattering clothes for her. At this age, hand-me-downs are not really an option.

  • I traded my son's baby clothes for my friend's daughter's clothes, so Kenlee has lots of cute clothes just waiting on her. After that, I buy lots of cute clothes on sale and from Ebay. She loves clothes. She tries on all her shoes and wears my bracelets around the house. She really thinks panties make cute hats and enjoys going through my son's clothes and trying them on.

  • Peyton is only 3 months old but she's already out of the straight 3 month clothes and nearly into her 6 month clothes. She's going through some things so fast that she doesn't get to wear all of the clothing she has in that size. I am blessed with a wonderful group of women at work who made a point of stockpiling for me while I was pregnant because they knew I was going to be a single mom. I should be pretty well set until she's nearly a year old.

    I'm at the point now actually, that I am packing up her smaller clothes to give to another of my co-workers who is pregnant and also having a girl. The baby clothes trolly never stops moving lol.

  • Tell me about it! I found out I was pregnant two months after starting a new job. It turns out that I was the 7th pregnancy for that office that year. My boss gave me gener-neutral hand-me-downs from her son, who was born only two weeks after I started, and I ended up bringing a big bag of girl clothes for another co-worker who had a baby girl about a year after I had mine. It's crazy!

  • My daughter has clothing from a variety of sources.  I love to shop for things when they're on clearance.  I also thrift shop, but the Goodwill around my house don't usually have anything nice in toddler sizes.  I also like to go to Once Upon a Child.  My mom buys her a lot of new things from Wal-Mart.  I've saved some of the larger clothing items in case the new baby is a girl, but I let my parents sell all of the baby items.  We weren't planning on having another baby anytime soon, so I didn't think the items were worth saving.  Oops.  Now I think it's a good idea to save the nicer things "just in case" lol