Your Ever-Growing Stash of Baby Gear

  • Along with all of the congratulations that go with announcing your new arrival comes a ton of advice. One thing that I learned a little late is that no matter what you do, you're likely going to need at least two of everything to make it through these first few years. I thought the portable crib, car seat and stroller I got at my shower were wonderful, and all I'd need. Then that one play yard turned into two. Car seats multiplied into three or four to accommodate my car, both my parents' and my husband's. The list went on and on,  and was even longer when my second baby came eight years later.

    What experiences have you had collecting baby gear during the toddler years and what surprised you most? Where did you find the best deals? I just picked up a toddler back pack for $15 at a garage sale and have never made a better investment.

  • We received loads of clothing, toys, and more when my wife was pregnant. So much we ended up giving away some of it to other people we know who are pregnant because our daughter had outgrown the sizes without ever wearing them. Toys she never got around to were also passed on. As we've continued to add to her collection we set aside some for the next child (yes we're already planning a second, not right away of course Big Smile). What surprises me the most is the amount of broken toys we kept - we recently did a little "spring cleaning" on her toy bin, the sheer number of broken toys in it was overwhelming. I still wonder why we put them back instead of throwing them away in the first place...

  • StrongDad07- Much like yourself we have accumulated an insane amount of babygear.  We had gathered so mjuch that we actually had to move to an entirely different larger apartment just to accomodate the amount of baby stuff that we had.  We also have been setting aside things like clothes, swings, pack 'n plays in our storage shed for the next child so at least if we end up having the same gendered child it will be a much less expensive infant stage. 

  • I have 2 boys from 2 different circumstances so I've had 2 different baby showers and gotten a TON!  So much so I regifted baby products brand new as baby shower gifts.  toys are disposable if its broke trash it.  if it can be fixed fix it.  alot of companies have unsaid guarantees like fisher=price and leapster.  they have replacement pieces or will replace the item for free or with minimal charge.  My best friend cleared out a k-mart baby clothes section the last day they were open for me. It was over $300 dollars worth of clothes that she got for less then $100.  I still have the clothes and still use them because I'm destined to have all boys.  Babies and kids don't care about baby gear.  Hint nuetral colors so incase you do have one of each you won't have to rebuy because EVERYTHING was pink and you are afraid of giving your boy a complex. LOL  My boys wrestle and fight but love arts and crafts and cooking...its still hard to find things they'll like that aren't pink and purple because of the stigma that only girls like it. 

  • i got almost all clothes at my shower and they were all little 6 months and younger, when we bought her swing, bouncer, jumper and stuff i bought them all in nuteral colors so when we have another we can reuse them her carseat and clothes tho i didn't we dont plan on having one right away and they will have probley came out with better and safer carseats by then so i didn't care to much about getting that in pink, she has some pink toys but not a lot, its funny to watch my nefue play with her toys, he aways goes for the pink ones cuz he dosn't see that color very often, she is learning to crawl so we have been putting her on the floore a lotbut our dog stelher toys and taking them outside they take about everything they can get there mouths on, i bought a super yard thing at fredmyers and it has eliminated that problem she still can play on the floor, and they dogs cant get to her

  • I also wound up with a variety of multiple items for my daughter.  My mom babysits her when I go to work, so when she was a baby she had at least two of everything.  She still uses 3 different car seats, soon to be 4 when my boyfriend gets a car to replace his truck.  She had a total of 4 playpens because I got one for free and then my mom kept finding deals on them.  We had a couple different travel system sets, one was given to me and the other was a gift from my mom.  We wound up having a garage sale when my daughter was 2 and getting rid of most of her baby things.

    I never used craigslist  or e-bay when I was pregnant with my daughter, but this time around I'm on them all the time.  I just got a $100 bassinet for $60.  It was great because the store was sold out and I didn't have to pay shipping.  I found a great deal on a crib set and Meijer and watched E-Bay to get the matching accessories.