Baby Slings for Plus size Mommies

  • Does anyone recommend any slings for plus size Moms?  I can't do anything around the house because my 11 week old son wants to be held 95% of the time.  Any suggestions??


    Thank you

  • This is a great question. Many plus-size women would love to utilize slings, but the sizes make some hesitant.

    Here are some great choices for plus-size moms:

    • The Ergo carrier with a waist band extension (accommodates moms with waists up to 51″)
    • The Moby Wrap can be tied in a way that fits nearly anyone.
    • The Rosado sling comes in XS, S, M, ML (medium-long), XL, and XXL standard sizes, and Julianne Rosado will help you find your size or will custom-make a sling for you if you provide your height and weight information.
    • The Ultimate Baby Wrap from Parents of Invention fits most moms and comes in a stretchy cotton-Lycra fabric blend.

    You can find all of these online! Hope this helps!

  • The "Peanut Shell" in size L or XL is great!   My bra size (after the baby) is 38DDD.  I have this in only large and it works perfect.

  • I'm a plus size Mom and couldn't find any carrier's that fit comfortable.  You are not alone because myor  my 10 month old daughter is the same way.   I usually bring the car seat in the house or take the holder/chair from her swing and just have her in the same room where ever I am (yes Its it may be a bit much but I think just knowing where I am  and her able to see me seems to work for her)  I'm a Momther of 2 other girls and her personality is by far total different from the others.   

    From time to time and do pick her up, hold, kiss, and hug her to ensure her everything is ok.  This moment only last about 2-5 minutes and I place her back in the seat.  So far this has worked for the both of us.  Hope this helps and Good Luck!!!