New mommy with a bumpo seat

  • I just bought a Bumpo seat for my 3 month old and was wondering how much/how long to leave her in there for?? I am concerned if I sit her in there for too long she may get aches? However I'm a new mommy and really have noo clue!

  • My mother-in-law bought my daughter one for Christmas, and it is a life saver.  She loves to sit in it and when she is tired of it she lets me know.  It's good for when I'm cooking and I can sit it on the counter and talk to her while I'm cooking or if she is on the floor and I want to play with her. 

    As far as the length the baby will let you know, my daughter can sit in it for at least a good 10-20 minutes depending on what activities we are doing with her. Most importantly it helps them support their head, and it also comes with a tray that they can play with toys on.  I wouldn't worry about your child getting aches because she will let you know when he/she is ready to come out.  I love the Bumbo chair. 

  • Babies are pretty good at letting you know when they are uncomfortable. I certainly would monitor her closely and start her off slowly. If you are still uncertain, I would talk to your pediatrician and see what she recommends. I think you should start off with 5-10 minutes and build from there. As long as she seems comfortable and happy, you are probably okay!