Baby Boy Must Have's

  • I am not at all a new mom.  This is my 4th baby.  But I have 3 girls, and finally I am being blessed with a boy.  Any suggestions on those things that make life so much easier when raising a boy?

  • Not sure that there is anything different to raising a baby boy...except you have to be a bit quicker with the diaper changes!!! When he gets a bit older, it is amazing how little boys naturally see to gravitate towards balls and trucks and trains! You will probably get a bit sick of Thomas the Tank Engine, but after all those years of princesses, it will be a welcome change I am sure!

  • I have a little boy now 18 months old. I dont know about girls but with my little guy I found Night time diapers were a must. At about 4-6 months old he started peeing out of his diaper in the middle of the night. We switched to Night time diapers and havent had a problem since. Regular diapers just didnt have enought in front to hold it all in.  Also I found always put him in bold colors, Red, Blue, Orange, Green, not pastels. I would dress my son in pastel blue from head to toe and head out in his blue and gray carrier and people would still call him a girl. I switched to all bright colors he never got called a cute little girl again. : ) Good Luck! Boys are SO much Fun!!!