Finding baby necessities

  • Help! I am wondering if anyone knows where I can find diapers and formula for cheaper.  I am 5 months pregnant and not able to work because of the pregnancy and very concerned about not being able to afford diapers.  Is there anywhere I can go that will give diapers or at least sell them for cheaper to single moms with no income?

  • I know that costs of new babies are so overwhelming!! A couple ways to save money are coupons!! You just have to look for them and buy stuff in bulk when it is on sale. Name brand diapers are much cheaper and work just as well as Huggies or pampers. I personally like the Sams club brand. As for formula you can also buy name brand or just Breastfeed cause that saves a lot. Also a lot of churches have baby clothes that get passed around from new moms. And when it comes time for baby to starting eating food, make your own. It is really easy and tons cheaper. I save almost 100$ a month because I make my own food and buy things in bulk at Sams club or Costco!!!! Hope that helps!

  • Thanks so much for the advice!

  • I agree with using the bulk "club" stores and buying large amounts, which will reduce your costs in the long run. Also look into possibly securing paid disability. These laws vary from state to state but you may qualify for some government assistance.