Bottle Warmers

  • I have been researching and reviewing bottle warmers so much that I`m getting frustrated!! Please help!! Anyone have any suggestions for one that is easy to use,don`t have to decifer the water level thing and one that actually does what it says it will?? Haven`t bought one yet but it`s getting time!!

  • i have the first years night and day bottle warmer. i absolutely love it its easy to use and works it holds 2 bottles for during the night in a mini cooler so theres no getting out of bed and going downstairs to fetch a bottle at 3am.  the cooler holds all shapes and sized bottles. i like the avent bottles best and they are pretty big in diameter and they fit just fine.

  • Thanks for the suggestion.  As the Dad, I have 'night duty' with our Triplets, and would really like a bottle warmer that really works.  Now we have the DrBrown bottles.  Do you know if the "First Years Night and Day " bottle warmer will work with such bottles?

  • I can't imagine that they wouldnt fit. I looked online to see what the dr. browns bottles look like and i think you'll be fine.  my bottle are much thicker in diameter and the two bottles fit just fine.  i mean if worst comes to worse and for some reason they dont fit you can always return the bottle warmer if you had too. 

  • If your looking for one when your out and about (at the park or what not) prince lionheart makes a easy to use one for when your not at home. If you want to be resourceful and don't want to spend more money on a bottle warmer for the house you can use a slow cooker "crock pot" with some water in it and it does the exact same thing (you will see a few daycare centers do this)

  • Thank you!! That`s a great idea!!! I already have a slow cooker and know how to use it.And in the middle of the night,who needs to be guessing?Thanks again.

  • i used a bottle warmer for a week. i stopped because after a few days, i noticed white particle build-up at the bottom of the warmer...and it was annoying figuring out how much water to put in and when the bottle was done warming up.   sometimes, i think the bottle was overheated.  so now, i just put a cup of water in the microwave...and then the bottle goes inside the cup.  i find this more convenient and safer.