• Since I was due at the end of March with my first baby, I am looking for a baby monitor that is both top of the line and user friendly. I found shopping for a monitor extremely confusing, since there are so many new products on the market. The newer monitors have video cameras and color monitors. These can be hooked up to your VCR so you can observe your child without disrupting her sleep and tape her during playtime. However, when speaking to the salesperson, I discovered it was crucial to know that if you reside in an area with heavy cordless phone traffic, your monitor may pick up those radio waves. To avoid hearing cell phone conversations instead of your baby's voice, buy a monitor
    designed to resist interference. Which monitors do you recommend?


  • I recommend the Summer infant - best view handheld video baby monitor from target for $199.99 it was the best 200.00 dollars i have EVER spent! Reason y i say video monitors are the best ecspecially if u have an upstairs bc u will get tired of running up and down the steps every 5 mins. and plus my one friends baby was crying she figured he was just tired so she didnt check him right away and here he had a blanket wrapped around his neck, so the next day she went and bought one of these and i seen how nice it was, so i went and bought one!! Best thing i could have ever done!! Hope this helps

  • I love the monitor that I got for my son. It is called "Graco Digital imonitor Mini Baby Monitor". It does not have video but it has some other features I really love. There is a monitor that you put in the baby's room that also lights up like a night light, which is fabulous when your baby is afraid of the dark. The receiver is tiny, about the size of a fun sized candy bar. You can wear around your arm like a sport ipod, which is great when you are doing chores and need your hands free but want the receiver with you. You can turn the sound down and put it on vibrate when you need to keep things quiet. Blue bars light up when the baby cries, which is great for people with hearing disabilities to be able to SEE and FEEL the baby crying. With a distance of about 5,000 feet, the monitor and receiver are always in touch with each other. Love it!